Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Come ON Already!

Ticket is bought.  Car is rented.  Take list is already started. 

And I still have 40 days to go.  FORTY.

Being 1,600 miles away from my west coast kids is killing me right now.  My daughter has started nesting and I find myself constantly shopping right along with her.  She's already threatened if we send her more girl clothes she's going to ship them back.

But it's so hard.  Have you seen baby girl clothes lately? 

Not Lentil's hiney....  or her name.

I find myself drifting off thinking of her sweet smell, her soft skin and her tiny cry.  I absolutely love babies.  They remind me what hope feels like.

But as excited as I am to finally meet her, I cannot wait for the few days alone with Nugget.  Snuggling on the couch.  Eating snacks we aren't supposed to have before dinner.  Getting ice cream again and again.  Playing tag in the house.  Making yummo's for momma for when she comes back home.

Ah, sweet heaven.

And I'm sure we will watch Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wreck it Ralph and all other Disney movies a thousand times... in a row.  Because why wouldn't we?

Maybe even take an adventure ride since I'll have a car this time.  Who knows where we'll end up.

I have to admit though it will be a bit tough.  Instinctively I will want to sit and stay with Sassy telling her how beautiful our baby will undoubtedly be.  I will want to stroke her hair and tell her how beautiful she is.  I will want to sit with her, hold her hand and thank her for being the most amazing momma to my grandchildren.  It will be rough leaving her in the hands of the nurses.

Proof a momma's heart is never far away from their children.

40 days.  Forty.  I can do anything for forty days, including wait. 

Even though I am the most impatient woman on earth, obviously.

Have a great Tuesday!


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