Friday, August 09, 2013


August already.  No dog days here, at least not yet.  High of 75 today... of course with a zillion percent humidity again.

Welcome to Kansas City.

With the cooler weather, I cannot help but daydream of the fall.  It is by far my fave season of the year.  Living in a climate that allows us to enjoy all four true seasons, this one takes the cake for me.  Cool, crisp, sunny days.  Shorter, hoodie ridden, fire pit nights.

And of course, the school year.

I wish as adults we had the ability to start anew every fall.  The smell of fresh crayons.  The cushion of a brand new pair of tennis shoes.  The excitement of wearing a brand new outfit every day.

Maybe we should try it just once.  I bet we'd have an entirely new perspective on the upcoming bustle of the holiday season.  Which by the way a friend commented this week is only 20 weeks away.  AHHH!

Below are my faves from the interweb the past few weeks since I took hiatus and only posted my personal pics.  Hope you enjoy!


I found myself obsessed with white shorts this summer  to the extent I found four pairs in my dresser this week.  Apparently a girl can never have to many pairs.  Well... this girl, anyway.


Okay, I admit it.  I'm old but I totally love Instagram.  What a fab way to catch up with friend's stuff without all the DRAMA that exists on Facebook and twitter.  I totally dig it.  By extension, I take tons of pics (or what I think may be classified as tons although many of the peeps I follow WAY outpost me!)  I find myself cross posting them though to Facebook because I am afraid I can't organize them and keep them forever.
Voila!  Now we can keep them permanently.. on our fridges!  Click this link to find out how! --> Instagram Magnets


What screams summer more than watermelon?  How about a watermelon salad with balsamic vinaigrette?  Um... YES PLEASE.  Click here for the recipe!  ---->  Watermelon Salad


I love being a mom.  When I have a really successful day (as in I haven't killed little guy), I feel ever powerful as if I have triumphed the day.  What better than to slide into these awesome jams!  I'm wondering if that powerful feeling would translate into the morning routine as well?  Either way - I gotta have them.  ALL OF THEM!


I would absolutely love to go here.  Chandelier Tree, Leggett, California.  But what better an experience than in a kick ass VW Bus.  Oh man, I totally see channelling Little Miss Sunshine.  Just hope nobody dies on the trip!


I've never really been a brand name kind of girl.  I dress for comfort most of the time, quite frankly.  But these babies.... oh what I wouldn't do to have these just for one outing.  Then I'd have to promptly sell them for the shame I would have in owning something so extravagantly expensive.  Yep, I'm cheap like that.

Manolo Blahnik... you are my hero.


This is Bella.  Not the picture, the action.  She cannot wait to climb up onto our bed, turn around three times and land her hind quarters square in the middle of Hubs' pillow.  Yep... his.  Not mine.  Probably because he is sleeping on my side of the bed and she knows it.  She's super smart like that.


Oh please... I totally have to have this.  I may have found my new love.  I already love all things anchors and infinity but this may beat those.  For now, anyway.  At a minimum I think my Book Beotches may need this on their fingers.


As we shop for school supplies this weekend, I can't help but take note of the zillion of old supplies still laying around our house.  My little guy is training to be on Hoarding and I'm certain he will take the cake.  The boy saves every scrap of paper he has ever had as specials - things he wants to remember.  I'm not sure where he got that skill (at least my writings are online now!)  So this weekend I will smuggle out all his old crap that is broken, doesn't work or doesn't fit to make room for the new.  And as usual, he will try to hang onto it all.


Oh Brazil, how I long to be with you.  You open my heart and mind to true relaxation. I totally want to come and see you and experience your beauty.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


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