Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Road Again

One month from now the training will begin.

Hubs and I are going to run another half marathon.  This time together.  Our last attempt ended tragically when I decided to slide down a fire pole at Warrior Dash and injure both legs.

Let's try not to do that again, shall we?

I'm always better when I'm training for something.  It clears my mind, tones my body and makes me feel invincible.

Sure, it's hard.  But it's always amazingly rewarding.

My fave time to run is actually my lowest points of vulnerability.  There is something magical that happens when I am filled with self doubt, lace up my shoes and hit the road.  Clarity comes to me every single run.  I formulate plans, make goals and mentally high five myself at the end of a run.  Even when they are just a few short miles.

I'm excited to get started.  Our lives will endure much change and excitement over the course of the fourth quarter this year so I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than with a healthy mind and body (and the new hardware hanging on my board won't hurt either!)

I intend to blog on my runs, especially the most successful ones.  I hope I don't bore you to much.  Honestly, taking written note of my successes and failures is what keeps me on track to move forward.  It's my "to-do" checklist, per se.  If you've never had a training schedule before, here is a glimpse at mine!

 Yep.  Easy peasy.  Now I just have to get out and book the miles.

I am excited to run with Hubs again.  After a many month hiatus with a super sore case of plantar fasciitus, he is finally healed.  Well, enough to run anyway.  So off we go.

What are you plans moving into fourth quarter?  How will you remain fit and healthy through the holidays?  Sound off - I'd love to hear your ideas!

Have a great Sunday, friends!


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