Friday, August 23, 2013


Friday, Friday, Friday!  WOO HOO!!  Looooong week at the Davis household.  School is in full swing, football practice is underway and our work schedules are haywire.

Welcome to the new normal!

The highlight of my week by far though was booking my flight out west for the babe's arrival.  I actually sat and teared up selecting my return date home realizing that my heart will ache for months to come I get home.  I fell in love with Nugget the minute I set eyes on him - before I even touched him, smelled his sweet baby scent or caressed his smooth baby skin.  Holding a baby you love makes your arms ache upon transfer to another's arms.

And now - I will have two little souls to fill my heart.  Two little ones, not mine but a part of me.  Being a Nana has been the most amazing experience.... one many tried to explain but I never fully got until the title was bestowed.

I am dying with anticipation.  My ADD is in high gear.  I can't stop thinking about what she will look like, how she will sound and how much she will be loved by everyone around her.

And I absolutely cannot WAIT to see E become a big brother.  He is the sweetest boy ever.  I know in my heart he will protect her forever.  I cannot wait to witness this perfect union.

Below are my faves for the week.  I will spare you the zillion finds I have pinned, bookmarked and tagged of the clothes, furniture and accessories for little lentil.  I'll tell you one thing:  this girl is gonna be SPOILED!


Ah... I love me some 80's music!


Speaking of 80's.... one of the first cars Bub's father and I owned was NOT a Corvette (but I do love the car below!).  But our car did have t-tops.  Ah... my first realization that I needed my hair to blow in the wind.  I absolutely loved that car.  Totally impractical for a newborn, we sold it for a newer car... that of course the top came off.  And so it began.... my love affair with being topless.

Ironically, later in my 20's I owned another car with t-tops.  I went to the car wash, took them off to dry off the car and ran over one of them forgetting they were on the ground.  Yeah - I need a much more PERMANENT solution!  I can't wait until little guy can take my mom car off my hands!


Yep, I need this.  Although no warning needed in my house.  Hubs is WELL aware of my issues in the morning and he steps beautifully around them like a perfected dance.  He knows the level of my coffee beans, the milk and sweeteners better than I do most of the time.  He quietly purchases and replaces anything low without saying a word.  Because he's that kinda guy.


We have eaten our weight in blueberries this summer.   Salads, parfaits, desserts - everywhere we can put them.  So of course I fell in love when I found this yummo idea... dressing!  YES please!  Click here for the fantastic recipe ---->  Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette


With my upcoming travel and fall right around the corner, I couldn't help but fall in love with this little find.  Henry (aka Hank, Hank the Tank, Tank), our lovable grandfurpup, has stolen our hearts.  Okay, mine anyway.  He is an awesome buddy except when he's being bad.  Sounds like the rest of our family!  I wonder how long I could get him to sit still to wear this awesome find?


Florence, Italy.  Been in my dreams for decades now.  I would love to watch the sunset in that beautiful city. Someday.


My love of all spaces tiny began when I was a little girl.  In my 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom family home I grew up in my parents, siblings and I had a very small hall closet just outside the bath.  It was a smaller door than our standard sized doors in the house and after some home remodeling, had a sloped, carpeted floor in the bottom.  The space was VERY small and was left unused.  Unless, of course, you count me.  I spent many, many moments inside that little space with the door closed.  Hiding from my brother.  Hiding from my mother.  Finding quiet.  I guess in those moments I became comfortable with the snug surroundings and my yearning began.  Hence my adoration for lofts!  The swing is just an added bonus!


Bring on the jeans!  The plaid!  The boots!  Yep, this girl is ready for some cooler weather.  I love layering, snuggling and wearing my fave casual clothes.

Yep, bring it on!


I actually said this out loud to myself this week.  I had a crappy mid week run - it was humid, I was tired and not properly fueled and I really didn't want to go.  So I made a zillion excuses during my run that my legs were tired.

Little did I know it was all in my head.

As I pushed around the corner of my street after 2+ miles feeling totally energetic, I had to stop and admit to myself that it had always been in my head.  A runners worst enemy is their own mind.

Gotta remember this during my upcoming training!


Okay, I know I said I wouldn't do it but I just can't help myself!  Little Lentil absolutely REQUIRES this in her wardrobe.  Yep... my next purchase.  Sorry, Sassy!  I know you said no more clothes but seriously... who could resist?!?

Happy Friday, friends!


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