Friday, August 16, 2013


Ah, routine.

Back to school.
Football practice.
Baritone practice.
Homework assignments.

We are in the full swing of fall already in our home, even on the third day of school.  Little guy absolutely loves routine... it is when he is at his optimum performance level.  He desires clear expectations, realistic goals and constant communication.

Isn't that what most of us desire?

I love this time of year.  The consistency, the cooler weather and of course, the return of all of my television shows!

It makes me want to organize.  To pull out all my fall decorations.  To plan Thanksgiving dinner.

But before all of that fun stuff.... we have a BABY on the way!  We are squeezing in on 8 short weeks until Little Lentil arrives and changes our lives.  I'm already in love and I haven't even met her yet.  I dream about her all the time.  I want to squeeze Sassy every single day for creating our beautiful grandkids.  I cannot wait to board that plane and head west.

Soon, friends.  And I'm sure pictures will flood every media outlet I have.

For now, below are my fave finds from around the interweb.  Expect these too to change when our little bundle arrives.  I cannot stop perusing beautiful dresses, cozy leg warmers and bows galore.  I LOVE BEING A NANA!

Enjoy, friends!


This one is for my west coast kids.  Well, any parent, really.  It's sad to think this way but so, so true.  Enjoy your time with the kiddos - it truly does fly by!


It's obvious I dream of Spain.  When I saved this pic on my computer I noticed I had four other pictures just like this one.  My niece studied abroad in college in Spain and her pictures always took my breath away.  Yep, I gotta find a way to go someday.


Everyone knows how much I love candles.  I could torch an entire country with the amount of fire I have in my house.  These cute guys totally grabbed my attention.  What an awesome way to repurpose!  My only concern?  Catching fire to whatever spot they land (i.e. deck, tables, shelves, etc.)  Davis already thinks I'm going to burn the house down so I'm pretty sure these would be outlawed.  They are still awesome!


I love setting my table with cool stuff.  These guys are just adorbs, especially for the fall.  I'm thinking at a minimum I need to make a runner for my sideboard.  Yep, love 'em!


As summer starts to close, 'maters are totally necessary on our menu.  I love the giant beefsteaks we find at our little neighborhood farmer's market.  How good would these sammies be?  Gotta make them! Oh, and Davis has PERFECTED homemade mozzarella.  Yep, I'm one lucky girl!   Click here for the recipe ----->  Cheese Sammies


'Nough said.  LOVE this.  I know several severely insecure people that really need to heed the message below.


As the cooler weather moved in this week, I started scouring my closet looking for some sleeves.  This is PERFECT for transition weather.  I'm thinking I would live in this if it were in my closet!


Awesome.  I would put my sunglasses in it, too.  Forget reminding little guy where his stuff is (which is EVERY single thing he owns, every single day).  I need this for mornings where I literally run out of the house forgetting half of my stuff!


Davis and I have accumulated a zillion race bibs and medals over the course of the last four years.  They are slung over everything in our closets.  What an awesome way to display them and remind ourselves of all our hard work (and great fun!)


Although it's a bit early, I cannot get enough of pumpkin spice flavoring.  I absolutely LOVE this part of fall. So of course I fell all over myself when I spotted these yummos.  Seriously?!  I think I might have to whip up a batch before the actual start of fall.  LOVE them!  Click here for the recipe ----> Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Happy Friday, friends!


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