Monday, August 26, 2013

AHHHHH.... Here come the Titans!

Football season.  Stinky cleats, parents cheering, sweaty pads, coaches yelling, grass stained pants and cool weather.

Wait, what?  90 degrees is NOT my idea of cooler.

This weekend we kicked off our season with our annual Jamboree, a practice scrimmage with other teams to get the boys warmed up and ready to hit the schedule.  This weekend was also reunion for us as we reconnected with boys and parents of previous teams over the past 7 years.

The Pirate boys will always remain in my heart the most.  The connection the boys made with one another, the friendships the parents formed and the camaraderie the coaches created will forever be an example to strive towards.  It is a bit gut wrenching to see those boys in opposite colors, spread out across the league.  Nonetheless, I feel pure joy watching them play knowing down deep that we may have had something to do with their developing athleticism.

It was a special group I will never forget.

For the Titan boys this weekend, we learned a lot.  We have a strong, solid defense.  We have an agile, intelligent offense.  We have all the skills and power force a team could ever need.  Little guy is super stoked, ready to fight.

Now we just need a little love.

Yes, I am a girl.  But I also know what it takes to bring the team environment together.  Trust in others.  The kind of "I've got your back, always" trust.  The "I'll run in before you and take the hit" trust.  Team before self.  Selfless, unselfish behavior. And a little love.

I picked up a stack of Redbox movies this weekend.  Last night, realizing we had one movie left we hadn't watched, we popped it in and hit start.

I commenced to cry for an hour and a half.  So did Hubs.

Football does so much more for the lives of young men than I will ever understand... especially when it is framed in the proper way.  A great coach can shape the lives of kids in one season almost as much as their parents can over the course of years.  Sometimes better.

If you haven't had a chance to see the documentary Undefeated, you should (whether you like football or not).  One of the most amazing coaches (and man) I have ever witnessed. 

Many of my tears fell as I prayed that my son is influenced by a man like that in his life (outside of the family).  We've already found one fantastic coach... what are the chances we could find another?

I hope and pray little guy's high school coach cares about him - really, really cares.  It will make all the difference in the world in the man he becomes.

Have a great Monday, friends.  It's gonna be a HOT week in Kansas City!


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