Monday, January 06, 2014

Jumpin on the Change Train

Some of my fave mommy bloggers did some major facelifts this weekend to their blogs.  Must be their resolutions.  Or maybe they just needed to rearrange the furniture. 

I bought a new king size bed with a giant foot and head board for our house when we moved in 5 years ago.  Little did I know at the moment that it would never be moved until the day we vacate the homestead.  Makes me quite sad.

My blog needs a facelift.  I tried to change out the header and make a few pic updates to it but that just didn't get it done.  I need something that reflects my true self.

It's time for a rearrange.

Hubs gets it.  In my 20 years of marriage, I've moved the furniture no less than 50 times.  Just when he gets used to a certain end table being in a certain place, I shift it to the left 5 feet.

Yep, constant change. That's me.

It's not my fault entirely.  I lived in the same house virtually my entire life.  My parents bought it when I was 2 and although I moved out when I was (almost) 18, I moved back into it when I was (almost) 20.  I stayed there until I married Hubs, moved out a total of (almost) 4 years and was back again until we built the house we are in now.  Oh, and I didn't change anything about the house until (almost) 2 years before we sold it.

Yeah - I need change.

In my effort to control my environment, I move the end tables.  I move the sofa.  I move the car's position in the garage (until Hubs understandably has to convince me once again that the Ford F150 won't fit in the single slot side very well).

It's time to update the blog.  I've changed, so it's time to illustrate that.  I'm over 40 (just barely, please note).  I'm a grandmother (of TWO beauties now!).  I'm a mom of a tween (and it's THAT fun).  I've been married forever and I have a career.  I'm in a book club, I have a dog, I love wine (particularly in the winter) and I love life.

It's definitely time to for an update.  I have a lot to say and haven't said most of it lately.  It's probably time to get it out.

I have always loved the opportunity to do that.

Please be patient as I make some changes, friends.  I'm considering moving platforms and potentially adding some revenue opportunities.

I'm big time, can't you tell?

I will say this:  in reviewing my last year of blogs the ones that seemed to have the most traffic, comments and attention were those where I shared my brutal honesty.... and consequently were the most controversial.  That either says something about me or my readers, I haven't quite figured it out yet!  It seems that most of you prefer when I am vulnerable and admit I don't have it all together.

Newsflash:  I will never have it ALL together.  And nobody else does either.  Don't allow them to fool you.

More to follow. Stay tuned, friends!


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