Friday, January 24, 2014


Good morning, friends!  How are those NY resolutions coming along?  I am happy to say I am on track with two of them still, which is amazing for me.  I made a few super obtainable ones that will roll along slowly with just a few great big decisions that will roll in shortly.  I'm still super psyched and excited about all of them though, even though my 14 minute attention span challenges them every day.

For now, I'm optimistic.  We can check back in next month on it.

Meanwhile, basketball is gearing up for tournament seasons.  We have two out of town trips in February which no doubt will be the highlight of our winter, not to mention knock down two states for little guy's "Visit 50 states in 6 years" dream.  Maybe if we are creative and drive loopy we can slide through the corner of other states and call it good.

Hmmm.  Will need to Atlas that.  Yes, I still use an Atlas.  Bite me.... I'm old.

Below are my faves this week.  It's a miracle I even found them since I do love paper so much.  So much for the green movement in my house.



This caught my eye immediately.  I absolutely love taking pictures.  When I look back at my pictures as a child it's virtually the only way my memories stay intact after layering in years of useless information into my brain.  I think this is fantastic.


Love them.  My man jam.  Highly encouraged.


Amidst our ever changing polar vortex crap, I can't help but dream of the beach.  Or the pool.  Or with this beautiful concoction... both.  I see myself on the chaise on the left.  Bring it on.


Ah.... love.  German short haired pointer.  Perfection.


 I'm so lucky little guy loves to read.  He informed me last weekend that he needed quite a bit of time to chill because he was reading 7 books.  Yes, 7.  AT ONCE.  I have no idea how he does that.  I can barely stay focused enough to read ONE book at once!


These are awesome!  I am so tired of all of our electronics scattered around, cords everywhere.  Drives me absolutely NUTS.  I think I need a few of these!


This was defined as business casual.  Wait, what is that again?  So many employers define it differently.  This is my dream biz cas.  Nice jeans, nice jacket.  Looks good to me!


YUMMO!  I love pb after a run.  Almost crave it.  This looks fantastic and includes my fave - chocolate!


I love my bedroom.  I love my bed.  Really, truly love it.  We bought it (along with the bedding) five years ago when we finished our build.  I want something new.  This might work?


I have a thousand watches.  None of them have a battery.  Well, one that is working.  I tend to just buy a new watch every time my battery dies, mostly because I buy fun trendy watches that don't cost a fortune.

I love this one.  Maybe it's time I stepped it up a bit.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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