Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I resolve to.... grind?

Being that it is already the 21st of January, my resolutions are totally out the window.  Well, the majority of them, anyway.  I struggle a lot when it comes to making changes to myself sometimes but give me a house and I'll rearrange the furniture every month.

Hmmm.. not sure what that means.

In an effort to try to corral the 20 some odd pounds I slammed onto my body at the end of 2013, I am forcing myself (and my fam, by extension) to eat healthier.  Out of the house are the cupcakes, cookies, candies and chips accumulated over the holidays.  In are the bags of trail mix, fruit, veggies and greens.

I am fortunate that my little guy will give things a whirl.  I know what he absolutely won't eat, which luckily is a fairly short list.  If I mask everything properly, I am good to at least get him to take a bite.  The biggest key is to not make it too spicy.

I must admit he can be my biggest fan.  If he loves something, he tells me.  Over and over again.  If he doesn't like something, he will hem and haw for an hour trying to find the right words to politely tell me it sucks without hurting my feelings.

He's gonna make a great husband someday.

As I slid into my chair, he was already three bites into his dinner.  When he looked up to take a breath and chew, I started the convo.

Me:  So buddy, what do you think?  Do you like it?

LG:  Mom, this is amazing.  Ah MAZ ing!  I love it!

Me:  Oh good!  I was afraid you wouldn't like it.  Daddy and I had even planned to heat up some vegetable soup assuming you wouldn't like it.

LG:  It has black beans in it!  Why wouldn't I like it?

Me:  Well, I just wasn't sure.  We haven't eaten veggie burgers before.


LG:  What's in it, mom?

Me:  Black beans.  Corn.  Veggies.  I'm not completely sure but I know those three things.

LG:  But what kind of MEAT is in it?

Me:  Honey, there is no meat in it.  They are veggie burgers.

Silence again... coupled with a blank stare.

LG:  But what kind of MEAT is it?

Dad:  Coop - there is no meat in our dinner.  We are eating veggie burgers.

LG:  I get that Dad but what kind of meat is it?

Hubs and I stared at each other.  Clearly there was no way we were getting through.  After a full 10 minutes to attempting to explain, we stopped talking and watched him devour the first one to ask for another.

Ah, my little gullible monster.  Little does he know he just gave me some awesome ammunition.  Apparently if you smoosh something into a patty, slap some cheese and ketchup on it, it becomes a hamburger.  Rock on - I can grind anything up!

Maybe this resolution thing won't be so hard after all?


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