Wednesday, April 10, 2013

15 Already?

Fifteen years.  15.  WOWZERS.

Fifteen years ago, I witnessed my one of only two births on this planet.  Nope, that doesn't count my own.  I don't consider myself a true witness to my own as I can't remember much about either of those days (sorry, boys).  Must have been the pain.

I was given the opportunity to be with my bestie when both of her children were brought into this world.  It was truly one of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had... not to mention extremely bonding.  Memories I swear I will never, ever forget.

So today, we celebrate the oldest of my two girls:  Zoe Harper.  Beautiful.  Brilliant.  Sassy.  And shortly... driver eligible.

Lord help us.

It has always been a struggle for me to see the girls get older.  For some reason, I stick them in my brain at 4 and 1 and never seem to let them grow any older.

Until I get on twitter.  Or Instagram.  Then I'm reminded quickly that they aren't 4 and 1 any longer.

Little Kelsey just turned 12 but most days reminds me of a much older, more soulful 20 year old.  And Ms. Zoe?  Well, one look at her and I'm reminded of the woman she is becoming each and every day.  Just like her beautiful momma.

Happy birthday, girlie!  Sparkle on!

Aunt Jen

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