Sunday, April 21, 2013

And then there were SEVEN...

The time has come for our big family announcement:  we're having a GIRL!
No friends, not me... my Sassy!

Once again our family is being blessed with a little one, shortly after Nugget turns the big 3.  Hubs and I are ecstatic!  And of course, she is completely beautiful and perfect... just like her momma.  I'm a Nana once again!

My little lentil.  I cannot wait to meet her and smell her sweet, precious baby smell.  I'm in love already.

Obviously my kids are not so close in age.  It took Hubs and I a VERY long eight years to get our little guy.  Due to our not so small age span between the boys, we decided to find out what we were having so we could properly plan.  I was 30... and terrified, quite frankly.  It had been a long time since I had been preggers and Bubba's delivery was not the most fun thing I'd ever experienced.

So the ultrasound was ordered.  We took Bubba out of school to come along with us.  He had everything crossed on his body (fingers, toes, arms, legs) praying for a little brother.  He had three sisters on his dad's side and was dying to having a brother.  Hubs of course wanted a boy as well - he loves all that "boy stuff".  

Me?  Well... I wanted a girl.  My mom and I had such a close relationship by this time of my life and I knew I wanted that as well.  I mean really... what woman talks to her mom almost every day when they are 30?  Not many that I know.

When the tech announced It's a Boy! my boys were so excited.  Bubba was jumping up and down waving his arms.  Hubs had a giant grin on his face.  I buried my disappointment, but felt it nonetheless.

Who is going to love me?  I mean REALLY love me, like I love my mother?  Sure, the boys love me.  But I mean "got your back no matter what" kind of love.  I honestly was devastated for a long time.. I'm not gonna sugar coat it.  I was so terrified I would never experience that kind of relationship.  My boys would grow up, leave me and go about their lives and that would be it.

And then my son met Sassy.  It didn't happen overnight, but slowly our relationship grew.  And now I know - she's totally got my back.  She loves me.  I got my daughter, just differently than I expected.

As I revel in the fact that a beautiful new baby is coming to our family, deep down I am just so excited for my daughter in law.  She has a girl, someone that she will no doubt raise to be just like her.  Another strong, independent, sassy girl.  Plus she's the baby of the fam (for now, anyway), so no doubt she will be spirited (which everyone knows I adore!).

I can't wait.  A new countdown clock in on my blog to watch the months click away although it's almost half way through already!  The time will fly and soon we welcome her.  I can't buy enough pink... I'm not sure there is enough in the world to suffice.

Our family grows once again.  Seven of us.  We are so lucky and blessed.

Have a great Sunday, friends!


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  1. How on earth did I miss this post?? It must have been while I was down with MY best friend/daughter in her new house. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!