Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dancing Queens

Ever feel like a 20 year old trapped in a (ahem) 40 year old body?  Man, do I ever... most days, actually.

Never have?  I've got an idea... head out with a group of 21-25 year olds for a bachelorette party.  That'll do it.

Sitting at my computer a month ago, an evite crossed my email.  I clicked it and sat carefully reading the words.

You are Invited
Bachelorette Party
Jessica Taylor (my niece)
Power and Light District

I almost spit my water onto the screen.  Me?  Did she really just invite me or is this some sort of address snafu?

I wasn't sure about it.  Hey - this girl knows how to dance, drink and have fun.  But surely a young lady wouldn't want her OLD Aunt to come along on those festivities?

I stood at her bridal shower awaiting the discussion to begin.  My sister in law asked me if I was able to come along.

"She really wants me to come?" 

I wasn't being humble or modest - I was dead ass serious.

Alas, she did.  She invited all of her aunts, her mom, her cousins.  Once I realized I wouldn't be the only old mom there, I jumped at the chance.

Best decision ever.

She looked absolutely stunning.  Her girlfriends were beautiful as well.  They were dressed to kill and ready for girls night out!

The Bachelorette Party (well, some of them...)

I changed my clothes four times.  I wore giant heels (which I quickly regretted and shrug for my flip flop wedges before the dance clubs). 

The night was a blast.  I wanted to take a zillion pics but I refrained and only snapped a few.  I stood back quite a bit and just watched the girls have fun.  I made new friends.  I got home after 2:00 am (which NEVER happens).  And contrary to what I originally thought, I didn't feel too old.

Lisa, Jessica and Val

Big shout out to Christy Bell, the BEST Maid of Honor EVER.  Between her and my sister in law they made Jess' night one she'll always remember.

Audrey (new BFF), Jessica and my sis Lisa
I know I'll never forget!


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