Friday, May 10, 2013


Another week down!  We are on the official countdown at the Davis household to the last day of 5th grade. I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  Just a blink.  Of course, that's raising children in general.

This weekend will mark the 7th Mother's Day without my momma.  I spend a lot of time in my blog expressing my feelings about her.  I miss her every day.  Her departure left a whole in my heart that is irreparable.  I feel twinges of pain when something great happens in my life that I can't share with her.  But I don't say enough how blessed I am to have the mom that I do have in my life.

So this Friday, my faves are in celebration of her.

She's always here for me.
She is consistent between her words and actions, making her trustworthy.
She treats me as if I am her very own daughter.
She loves my children more than I could ever have hoped for them.
She has great pride in my husband, which helps him be a better man.
She supports my life decisions, even if she doesn't agree with them.
She hugs me when I'm sad.
She laughs with me often.
She makes me feel like I'm special.
She tirelessly attends band concerts, choir performances and school events.
She tells me I'm important.
She reminds me I'm a good mother, even when I feel I'm not doing my best.
She protects me from harmful words and actions.
She stands up for me, even if I'm wrong.
She stands in freezing cold, steaming heat or sweaty gyms to scream and cheer on my boys.
She allows me to shine even on her special moments.
She goes out of her way to do things for me to let me know she cares.
She always talks about my momma, which makes me happy.
She shows me how to be a confident woman.
She shares her unwavering faith in God with me.
She shows me how to have grace.

And most of all... she loves me unconditionally.

I am one lucky woman to have married a man with a wonderful mother.  I am blessed to call her mine as well!  I can only hope and pray that I live with my life with the kind of dignity, grace and love she lives hers.

Oh - and I'm pretty darn lucky SHE married such a fabulous man who taught my hubs how to be a great man, husband and father... and who also loves me unconditionally.

Happy Mother's Day to my fantastic mom, Liz Davis!  I love you with all my heart!


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