Tuesday, May 07, 2013

To Much!

Do you know what happens when an literal person bears an extremely literal child? 

End result = inability to understand sarcasm, belief in all words spoken and an overwhelming need to ensure accuracy in every life moment.

That's my son.

Oh - and lather in his amazing need to be obedient, follow all rules established for him at all times (by all parties) and gain acceptance through discipline (his own)... it gets fairly interesting in my house.

Just to be clear - he isn't a stick in the mud.  It isn't that he can't bend the rules due to consequences.  It's that he strives constantly for perfection in all the things he does (hence his desire to not break the rules).

I am a very literal person.. although in my older years I have learned to tamper that a bit.  Hubs always says that sarcasm is lost on me.  When someone speaks, I believe it to be true.  Why else say it?

Some of my fave friends are quite opposite of me and WAY sarcastic.  I love them.  They keep me on my toes as I struggle to keep up with their quick wit and humor.  I always think they are saying something true.  When they aren't I try exhaustively to keep up with them.  Most of the time though, I'm the butt of a joke... meaning I didn't get it.  I never seem to get it.

That innocence is what makes some people really like me.  I hope that holds true for little guy as well.

For now - he exhausts me.  When I try to be sarcastic, he stares at me blankly.  He is always reiterating the rules to me for understanding:

"We always put on the porch light at night, right mom?" 
"We never wash the red clothes with the white clothes, right?"
"We always put a spoon on the table setting when serving long pasta, right mom?"

It's a constant barrage of understanding the "rules", the proper way, the perfect solution.  CONSTANT.

I love the boy.  I really, really do.  It's just some days I wish he would relax a bit more, chill out, accept the unexpected.  Go with the flow. 

Be more like his Dad. 

I see that facial expression A LOT!!

And the truth is revealed.  I wish sometimes he was more like his Dad.  Except when he is.  Then sometimes I wish he wasn't.

 No wonder men think we are so complicated. 

Somedays all I can say is that it's to much.  He leaves me breathless, overwhelmed. 

They say Love bears all things.  Thank God I love him.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!

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