Monday, May 06, 2013

It's MAGIC...

There is something magical about a cousin.  I'm not sure I have ever figured out what it is, nor will I ever.  It exists nonetheless - this phantom type feeling that can't really be explained.  It's like having a best friend and a trusted sibling rolled into one person that you may or may not see all the time (and usually don't have to ever live with).

The end result?  Well, for me?  I have fantastic memories of my cousins as a child.  Once I hit adulthood, they got even better.  Float trips, bbq's.  Family get togethers got that much more fun.

I found a way to duplicate that feeling this weekend. 

I don't get to see my cousins that much anymore.  Although they only live a few hours away we have all been time sucked so much that excuses just always seem to get in the way.  It doesn't help that my mother is gone.  She was most definitely the anchor in our family.  It makes me sad but on the rare chance I do see them we always, always pick up like we just saw each other.  There is never a time lapse in our relationship.

So how did I find that "cousin" feeling?  With my nephew, of course!

Our famous firefighter came home for a visit with the fam, just because.  He likes us.  It makes me happy.  We were so excited when he agreed to come with us to our neighb's Cinco de Mayo party.  Ole'!

I'm sure you've seen the pics but I absolutely LOVE all of my nieces and nephews.  They are so incredibly cool.  As they continue to grow in awesome adults, each with their experiences, it is so cool to see how they have matured and changed.  It's so nice to not have to worry about them touching something they shouldn't and just know them as they are.  

Of course he fit right in.  He wasn't shy or nervous with our friends.  At times he high fived just as he had always known them.  It was so easy.

I'm pretty sure he had as much fun as we did.


And the cousin work still got in.  Matthew was so kind to spend hours with Cooper working on his pitching (Matt was our superstar pitcher in high school).  He was so patient and Coop absorbed every word he said like it was.... magic.  Cousin Magic.

I did get some good girl time in at the party this weekend which was really needed.  The Fab Four are rarely all together anymore with busy schedules of work and kids, so I am thankful we got in at least a few cocktails all together.

Cheers, girls!  Thanks for another great party, my Fain friends!

Have a great Monday, friends!


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