Friday, May 17, 2013


Another week down!  The sun is shining brightly, the flowers are blooming and I am in heaven.  I absolutely love spring and summer.  Must be my seriously vitamin D deficiency.  Something switches in my brain when the rays hit my face.  Absolute bliss.

I am seriously missing my blog time though.  My schedule has been crazy, absolutely overwhelming between work and home.  My life balance is most definitely NOT balancing right now.  I need to get back to waking up at 5:00 am so I can have my me time. 

We have a weekend filled with baseball and I'm so excited!  Little guy hasn't played a game yet due to all the rain in the past few weeks so he is definitely ready to go.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, friends (and my faves below!)


I'm a huge fan of not only the outdoors, but quiet spots that exude beauty.  I absolutely love this!


Love, love, love me some white pants.  And the blue shoes?  Oh man... I'm SOLD!


I am constantly looking for new recipes to share with my friends and fam.  This one totally works for me.  Who wouldn't love bacon double cheeseburger dip?  Uh... YEAH!  Click here for the recipe -->  Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip


I just so happened to sit with a good friend this week and only after absorbing some beautiful sunshine did I realize she has freckles.  I happen to tell her almost every day that she reminds me of my Sassy.  Now she most definitely does.  I sure love that girl (both of them!)


I love wine, of course.  And I love the Wounded Warrior Project.  Put it together and I'm totally sold.  $3 from every bottle of One Hope Wine California Zinfandel is donated to Supporting Our Troops. You can also make an additional donation to Wounded Warriors Project with the purchase of any varietal of One Hope Wine.  Click here to learn more (and order some wine!)  ---->  One Hope


AMEN.  I love my flips and couldn't live without them.  Most of my fun comes with summer and wearing them!


With summer comes fun dresses and tops, but with my (ahem) endowment I sometimes struggle for the best way to keep them in check.

Well girls - here you go!  If you are like me and over a C cup, this is for us!  Thank you, Nordstroms!  Click here to learn more ---->  Strapless Bra


Yes, please.  Although my book club is currently reading the Amanda Knox story so Italy has me a tad bit freaked out, but I am still loving the view in Corniglia.


Oh man... melt my heart.  NO friends, I am never having another new pup.  But I sure do love this pretty one!


Love, love, love this.  I usually go dark on my toes for the summer but this seems like a nice change of pace.  Gonna do it Memorial Day weekend!

Have a great Friday, friends!


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