Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom of the Year

In my almost 24 years of being a mom, one thing hasn't changed.  I still have NO idea what I'm doing.  Well, sometimes I do... or think I do.

Facebook is flooded today with tons of pictures of my friends with their moms or their kids.  Funny quotes (or seriously sentimental ones) are thrown up everywhere.  Sentiments of feelings "rewarding, best thing in my life, love being a mom, my mom is the best mom ever" are on almost every single person's wall I know.

Everyone is lovin' on the mommas.  As they should.  It's our day.  So here are my kiddos - redneck style.

Wait a minute.  DAY?!  We get ONE DAY?!  How is that even fair?

After almost 20 years of marriage, my hubs has finally succumbed to the truth:

"Ain't no one happy unless the momma is happy."

Amen, brother.

Girls - we run our homes.  We bathe our kids, feed the fam and clean up the grossest of gross.  We tirelessly teach colors, numbers, shoe tieing and shirt buttoning.  We organize everyone, every thing and all events.  We traipse across town (or state line) to take our kids to practices, performances, games and tournaments.  We spend hours buying birthday presents (or last minute gift cards) for millions of parties of kids we don't even know that are kids attend.  We clean up the boo boo's from bike wrecks, hug away the cries of a broken heart and throw down dance parties to the Harlem Shake in the kitchen.  We gently remind them to brush their teeth, put on their deodorant, change the two blue items of clothing that aren't the same color of blue and fix their hair for picture day.

God, no wonder we are so damn tired.  We are SO much more than just mommas.  We are the BOMB if you ask me.

Maybe today would be a good day to disengage from social media altogether.  Allow the little peeps in your life to shower you with cards, love and guilt over being difficult the other 364 days of the year.  Bask in it friends, because tomorrow morning you will be up at the crack of dawn searching for backpacks, making lunches and listening to them whine about how their favorite green shirt isn't in their closet, or their dresser or the dryer.

Because you already laid it out neatly folded on their dresser with their favorite pair of shorts.

Kick back a bit girls - the ride isn't over.  Happy Mother's Day to all my momma friends (both human and furry kind).  Final tidbit... they could NEVER find it if you weren't there! :)

Milk your day!


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