Friday, July 05, 2013


Another Independence Day has come and gone.  I had a long conversation yesterday with little guy trying to illustrate the gravity of what our military has sacrificed for our freedom.  He has read about war, seen movies about Seals and Battleships but I'm not completely convinced he can understand the individual sacrifices that are taken.

It is as simple as this:  when you first enter the United States military, you "enlist".  Basically, you give yourself over to the institution.  WOW.  That is heavy.  Most people that I know would not tolerate a single other human being yelling in their face for ANY reason.  They wouldn't agree to menial tasks like standing and staring at the water for hours at a time just for fun.  And they certainly wouldn't be told how to dress.

Although admittedly I am jealous about that part.  I hate making clothing choices.

As he crossed the finish line in his fasted 5k to date, he felt pride.  I promptly took him to the food tent and shook hands with a veteran.  I thanked him for his service to our country.  His eyes lit up and he responded with a slight "why, you're welcome, ma'am".

We closed our evening in traditional fashion blowing up everything in sight.  I asked little guy and my niece if they knew why we lit firecrackers on the 4th of July.

"Well, it's to celebrate our freedom.  Originally men just shot off guns but that probably wouldn't be a good idea now."

Love babes.  They make me smile.

Below are my faves for the week.  Enjoy!


Ahhh.  I absolutely love this.  Comfy.  Casual.  Totally my style, if I had my own style.


Yep, he is still one of my faves.  Not Christian Grey material.  But I totally love him anyway.


Yes please.  Thank you.

Calella, Costa brava, Palafrugell SPAIN


I had a very, very bad experience once in my life with a watermelon concoction, so I am terrified of trying this idea again.  However, I can't help but admit that I love the way they have turned this into a keg itself.  Brilliant.


Hubs and I are completely addicted to BBT.  Yes, that would be Big Bang Theory.  It wasn't always that way though.  When the show aired on prime time I found Sheldon's character completely annoying so after one episode I never watched it again.  Now?  I'm not sure I could fall asleep at night without at least a glimpse of the show.  And yes, I'm a weirdo that oddly thinks Sheldon is a bit cute.  Sorry friends... I like smart!  So how great is this workout plan?  I KNOW it would work!!


I'm not a huge chicken finger kinda gal but I had a variation of these last week and absolutely fell in love.  The sweetness along with the crunchy was my kinda love.  Yep, gotta try this one out and see if it's close to what I found!  Click here for the recipe ----> Coconut Chicken Strips with Honey Mango Dipping Sauce


Probably the most influential movie of my generation, so of course I think this is completely hilarious.  Oh, and add it to the fact I would probably not have gotten married if I had to date during the "texting" generation (see post from Wednesday this week).

Still, I think it's funny!


I love the color of copper, so no doubt I fell in love with this idea.  I have seen it before on floors but never in this format.  How easy would it be to make a bar out of pennies?  Talk about strong... it would last forever.  Yep, I love it.


Oh man, melt my heart.  Something about that fluffy hair and those gorgeous blue eyes just captivates me.  Love, love, love this pup!


This goes out to all my friends that are teen parents.  Print this puppy out and hand it to your kiddos as they start to plan their first tats.  Yes, we live in that generation.  Tell them no all you want but some kids are just determined and the moment they hit 18 will do it anyway whether you like it or not.  I'm proof... just ask my kiddo.

Personally, I love this!  Don't go all lib on me... you have to admit it generates a giggle.  My first tat was on a drunken girls trip in 1994 in a hole in the wall in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I figured I'd bring a cool piece of jewelry home.  Little did I know...

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!!


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