Monday, July 08, 2013

We have officially dropped below 100 days on our countdown to the arrival of Little Lentil! 

This is one proud Naan.  And I'm sure Sassy is happy as well.  She has crossed over the half way point a few weeks ago and on the downward spiral to D-Day (delivery day).

As I flipped through photo albums this weekend looking for a specific picture, I stumbled upon one of Bubba when he was a little boy.  Had I not been in the picture with him I would have thought it was Nugget.  The similarity was STRIKING.  But most days when I look at pics of Nugget, I think he looks exactly like my beautiful daughter.  Just depends on how Sassy he's being at the moment.

So I sat quietly, closed my eyes and tried to picture our beautiful granddaughter.  Needless to say it was much harder than I thought.  I kept defaulting to a baby E, which seriously would be perfect.  He just so happened to be one of those babies that was beautiful as a boy or would have been as a girl!  But I'll let you decide...

I particularly loved his drool :).  His big eyes and chubby cheeks just melted my heart. 

They still do.  I'm pretty sure they always will.

I cannot wait to get my arms around this new little one.  Now that I've experienced being a Naan first hand I can't imagine anything better.  Seeing the grands with such a unique mixture of their mom and dad along with their own unique personalities is so much fun.

And personality we have in SPADES.

October can't get here fast enough.  Normally I want summer to CRAWL but not this time.  I need it to FLY!

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Are you referring to the family pic you posted on FB? I thought you were holding E!!