Monday, July 15, 2013

Here I Go Again on my Own...

I'm officially a widow. 
Yep, it's here.  Football season brings about a whole other life in our house.  It's not just about the boy, either.  I think Hubs should have been a professional coach or something.  Maybe the trainer that jabs the cortisone in knees?  I don't know - but somehow he belonged permanently on a sideline.
Alas - he chose finance instead.  Totally similar choice.
And so, each year around mid-summer, I start to lose my Hubs.  His nights begin to drag out into the wee hours of the morning, forcing different bed times.  I'm totally entrenched in snoozeville by the time he comes up.
There are a thousand white boards in my house.  Literally.  A thousand. 
Well, except for this year.  He just decided to make it permanent and painted an entire wall in our house with white board paint.
Oh yes he did.
I guess I don't mind.  At least it eliminates the zillion pieces of legal paper usually laying around with X's and O's and plays written all over them.
Who am I kidding.  I'll still have those, too.
Although practice is only three days a week, it is countless in my house.  Little guy will throw down in the living room to prove how long he can hold his flutter kicks... while we are trying to throw down dinner at 9:00 pm.  Hubs is constantly throwing out play calls to the kid for memorization.  Both of them smell a little... well, icky.  It's not unusual to find little guy's cup sitting on the kitchen counter, cleats with mud clots all over the garage and MANY loads of laundry.
And me?  I'm stuck at home, most likely playing Candy Crush  (if anyone knows of a support group, please let me know.  I need to go desperately.  Like right now.  Shhh, don't tell anyone!) 
Sure I can go sit at practice.  That's productive.  Not moving laundry, not preparing dinner, just sitting.  Nope, not my idea of multi-tasking very well.  I simply can't use my time that unwisely.
Plus little guy wouldn't even know I was there (let alone care).
To top it all off, baseball season isn't even over yet.  Double elimination tournament starts this week as well.
Oh... and in case I was bored, it appears basketball will begin this week, too. 
So when I'm not being a widow, I am a chauffeur.  Does anyone know if you can hire car service to take your kids to activities?  Maybe hire a cab?
Just kidding.  Sort of.
True story - my mother called a cab once to bring me home from Landmark Skate Center when I was 10 years old.  I cried when I got home and yelled at her because I had to ride all the way home with a strange man I didn't know and I was terrified.  Yep, she was a mom of the year once, too. 
Have a great Monday, friends.  Try not to drown... it's only the beginning of the week!


, Jen

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