Tuesday, October 11, 2011


As I chat with the BFF today, I was reminded of an awesome skill that she and I both seem to possess ~ the skill of pushing things aside to "deal" with later.  Some might want to call that procrastination however it is not.. I assure you!  I am one of the biggest procrastinators on the planet so I'm very aware of how that operates.

This discussion reminded me of a comment that was made to me a few months ago from another friend.  The talk was on how easy it seemed to be to have friendships with the opposite sex but somewhat struggle with same-sex friendships.  This area can be quite sticky for some depending on their marriages or partnerships if the spouse or partner isn't naturally trusting.  Thank god I don't have that problem in my own marriage!  I have several friends that aren't really trusted to hang out with members of the opposite sex. 

So back to the comment:  I was told I "compartmentalize".  What in the hell is that?  Of course I know the meaning of the word but I had no idea whatsoever how it applied to me.  Further explanation made it all clear:  my friend indicated I "think like a guy".  I put my thoughts and emotions into boxes of sorts.  Home... work... this group of friends.... that group of friends.... this part of the family.... that part of the family... and neither the 'tween shall meet.  However that saying goes.  Basically I don't cross my life paths.  And this goes so much further beyond just categories of people~ it applies to my EMOTIONS as well.  Move this emotion over to allow the experience of another one.  It wouldn't surprise me if I think like a guy ~ I was raised by a guy, had two brothers, tons of guy cousins and uncles and primarily only played with boys when I was a kid (get your mind out the gutter!)  They always seemed easier to get along with and didn't judge me on my hair or clothes ~ just liked the fact I could climb the tree and play army as well as they could.

I've always thought of myself as a "what you see is what you get" kind of girl.  My sun and moon signs are both in Scorpio depicting I truly am exactly as how others see me.  I strive to be real, not put on any airs and show the world exactly as I am without being something I am not.  Obviously, this is a bit of misnomer to me - how can I be exactly as I am if I am constantly "compartmentalizing" myself?  Do people see that I do this?  Is it a bad thing?

As kids we are brought up to believe we should behave a certain way.  A wife should behave one way.  A mother should behave another way.  A friend should behave this way.  So it's no doubt to me that I have created compartments for each portion of my life especially if any one specific part requires me to behave in a way inconsistent with what I REALLY strive to be.
But maybe there is just some hidden meaning in the word and she didn't want to say it to me ~ hmmmmmmm?

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  1. Was that perhaps from one of our conversations? Lol! OMG...I totally identify with this post!! Although I think I still have a good chunk of 'girl brain' going on...