Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

As we prepare to take little guy out to trick or treat this year, I can't help but be a bit sentimental.  This will most likely be his last year (as a kiddo, anyway).  Sure, he will walk through the neighborhood with his friends and act silly, but this is most likely his last year to just be a kid, dress up, ask for the candy and not feel "too old".  There is that age thing again.  It frustrates me that so many things are defined by age in our society.  Ah, another blog.

This year little guy came to us and said "I have to be something super scary this year.  With a weapon.  And blood."  Seriously?!  No more clowns, tigers, police men.  Now, we have to be a killer.  A scary man.  Something that actually COULD happen in our society.  Yikes.  The funny thing is he hasn't even seen a single scary movie to even identify with this persona!  (Well, I did try to see if he would watch The Ring with me one day.  Big mistake.  5 minutes in, he RAN upstairs and said I was a horrible mother.  Yep, not ready yet.)

So tonight he will don the infamous hockey mask and machete and run around the neighborhood with his friends trying to stab them.  How fun.  I'm sure he will have a blast.  I miss those days when we could just be free to be silly and have fun with no expectations of "proper behavior".  Yet another blog.

Happy Halloween to all my readers!  I hope you feel a piece of nostalgia as you watch your little ones nervously walk up the driveways to the doors of strangers and ask for candy.  That's not weird or anything :).  Enjoy!

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