Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What's your Order?

I am fascinated with birth order.  Almost as much as astrology.  Okay, no... I love to study signs more than birth order.  But still ~ it fascinates me.

My original sister-in-law (I say that because there have been 3 1/2 from that one sibling of mine) once told me about a book many years ago.  The Birth Order Book:  Why You Are the Way You Are by Kevin Leman.  It is an AWESOME book.  In fact, I just put it on my Kindle to read again and refresh my memory. 

Certain truths are consistent with birth order.  First borns tend to take one of two roads:  either extremely self sufficient or extremely rebellious depending on parenting style.  They tend to be the achievers in the family, the leaders, or they cause all sorts of problems bucking the system of the household.  A lot of the final outcome depends on how many kids come behind them.

Middle borns are the "fixers" of the family.  They want peace and tranquility among all the other members.  They often blend in, don't make to much trouble (although don't always succeed beyond on the first born if an over-achiever) and they definitely want to "keep the peace".

And the BOFs (babies of the family)... yep, this is me.  Again, depends on how many are ahead of them, but these great kids tend to be a bit selfish, a bit rowdy.  I like to call us "spicy" (or saucy, whichever comes to mind first).  Opinionated, typically loud (to get attention) and sassy. 

In my house, I created a bit different environment.  I have really raised two only children.  Ah, the only's.  These kids take on several traits of a first born and a BOF combined:  they are independent thinkers, typically act older than they really are age wise, but they also sometimes act spoiled and a little selfish since they have no other siblings.  My kiddos are 12 years apart, so Bubba was raised as an only and little guy is now being raised as an only. 

But even with the spread, I LOVE how close my boys have become.  We eliminated any sibling rivalry.  Little guy absolutely WORSHIPS Bubba.  Bubba thinks little guy is a bit spoiled but I think he is entertained by him sometimes.  And now Bubba is taking on a new adventure and I'm a bit worried about little guy.

My closest sibling left home to enter the military when I was 11 years old.  Little guy is now 10.  Granted, Bubba hasn't lived at home for almost 4 years now but still, I'm a bit concerned of how little guy will react.  I'm hoping to keep him SUPER involved, since I wasn't with my sib.  Maybe that way he will understand the gravity and feel proud and not left behind.

Grab the book if this entices you.  It goes into much more detail on not only birth order but gender order as well.  It really is amazingly accurate!

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