Thursday, November 10, 2011

Giant Talons

I really, truly and completely HATE confrontation. HATE IT. I am so brutally uncomfortable with being confronted that it causes my secondary reaction, avoidance, to kick into full force. If I fear someone is going to confront me about something.. anything really... I will avoid them like the plague. Unless, of course, when I am the confronter.
When I passionately believe I have been wronged (or god forbid someone I care about), I will confront with a vengeance. It's scary how brutal I can become. Oooh, and if I am REALLY mad, I will scream uncontrollably pointing out every flaw you have and bringing up every mistake you've ever made in my time of knowing you.
It's such a hot mess. I obviously never learned the appropriate way to remain calm and approach someone with something I need to discuss that is uncomfortable. I either end up screaming or weeping. Nice skills.
And if you want to suggest that I need time to "cool down" before discussing something that bothers me? Think again. Time makes me SO much worse. The longer I go without discussing something, the more boiling my blood becomes until..... eruptus.
Yep, that is how I usually handle stuff. Eruption at the most inopportune and inappropriate moments. Lack o' control is what I display.
I have an imminent confrontation in my future. Gag. I think I might throw up (which I almost do every time I think of it). Because of course I'm mad, so I already know it will be heated and icky. Awesome.
Maybe if I just close my eyes really tight and pretend I'm not mad it will just all go away. Yeah, that always works. Or I guess I will just pull out my giant talons and go for the jugular. That's much more likely to happen.

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