Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Scalpel, anyone?

Holy CRAP I'm old.

Hubs and I played Wii with little guy on Monday night.  Special weekday treat since he didn't have school Tuesday (see previous blog complaining about that!)  Of course I have no idea when we turned the Wii on as a family last.  Little guy will turn it on and play football on his own but we don't really sit down all together and play all that often anymore.  Ah, newness of the latest THING wore off.  I won't get started, it's to early.

If you know the three of us, you are aware of our ULTRA competitive streak.  All three of us have it.  Hubs is a bit more subdued than mine.  I'm ferocious... I absolutely HATE to lose no matter what the event.  You could stick me in a knitting club and I would have to be the first one done.  Of course the entire sweater would fall apart in one washing, but I beat everyone else!

Little guy is turning out to be a pretty decent mixture of the two of us.  He is pretty competitive (okay, a lot competitive) but he doesn't pout as much as I do when he loses.  In fact, he went an entire football season this year without a single win and still talks about how awesome him and his friends played.  I love that about him.  He cries when he loses from sheer determination letdown, but picks his head right back up and smiles about the effort given.  Dang, I wish some of that would rub off on me.

So of course the first game we play isn't really a game - it's a training module on one of the games.  It's Power Bowling.  Dumb.  Basically, you have to heave the ball down the lane and try to hit 10, 20, 40, 60 pins and knock them down.  Each level they add more pins.  So even though it is on TV, and even though you really don't HAVE to move your body to move the controller, we took up the entire living room running toward the TV and throwing the imaginary ball.  It's a miracle little guy didn't slide right into the screen.

Last night after my debacle on our fabulous KC city streets in the rain, I walked in the door and set down my purse realizing my chest really hurts.  OMG.  I'm having a heart attack.  I'm just sure of it... that's what happens in your forties, right?  After a slight panic attack, it hit me:  my SHOULDER is totally in pain from throwing the imaginary bowling ball.  Seriously?!  I know I've been slacking my exercising but are you freakin' kidding me?!

So I need a shoulder (scapula, to be exact) replacement please.... STAT.  Any docs out there willing to fix me up?

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