Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Get off the Road!

This one is for my BFF.

I had to pick little guy up from hubs p's house and get him to football practice.  Easy peasy, as he often tells me.  I didn't leave the office until almost 5, which for those of you that know me understand that is a tad bit late.  Checking out the highway on ramp, I made the quick decision that wasn't going to be a viable option.  Two things happen in Kansas City in the fall:  1.  It gets dark at 5.  2.  It rains.  Both of those things happened today.  Anyone that drives in Kansas City knows that people in Kansas City cannot operate their vehicles when these two things occur simultaneously.  It's a strange phenomenon that I swear I will figure out before I die.

So I made the quick decision to avoid the highway and go the backroads.  Only problem is there isn't much of a quick effort to where I needed to go from where I was without basically going ALL the way around the city I currently live in (or going directly through the middle of it).  I picked the latter and drove through my city to jump on yet another non-moving highway to trek to the p's house.

Geesh, what a huge mistake.  When I got to the second highway, I averaged 35 mph for about 10 miles.  Only took an additional 30 minutes or so, no big deal.  Grrr.  I have NO patience (or time) for that nonsense!

Suffice it to say, even though my wonderful mom-in-law had my son bundled up (in the rain) on the curb when I pulled up to a slow roll for him to roll in, we were still late arriving back in my city to bball practice.

How does this fit my BFF?  Well, she spends her life in the car from 4 to about 10 every night.  My gorgeous two nieces are involved in many after school activities (none close to one another, by the way) so every night of her life she drives, drives, drives.  Drives and waits.  Picks them up and drives to another place and waits.  OMG.  I swear I would stick daggers in my eyeballs.  I HATE my car (well, not when the top is off)... but truly I hate to drive.  It's means to an end for me - get where you need to get as quickly as possible and get out.  Driving across country for vacation?  KILL ME.  There aren't enough books or alcohol to calm me down to sit in the car that long.  I'd have to be sedated.  Heavily.

So hats off to all the moms (and dads) out there that make this nightly ritual.  I honestly don't know how you do it.  I wish we could go back to the old days, like when I was a kid and needed a ride home from the skating rink and my momma didn't want to get out and come get me so she called a cab.  Yep, true story!

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