Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh Woe is Me

It's that time of year again - cold and flu season is upon us.  The only dislike I have about the changing of our seasons is that it always seems to bring about new germs (or old ones wake up?)  Who knows.  End result - everyone I know is sick (or has been sick, or will be sick in the next month).  Ugh.  My favorite holiday only 3 short days away and impending sickness is all around.

Little guy started new basketball team ~ germs.
Nugget started new daycare ~ germs.
Hubs feels icky from little guy.
Daughter feels yucky from nugget.
My work BFF was just sick from her little one.
A coworker outside of my office hacked her poor head off the last two weeks.
Another coworker was diagnosed with bronchitis last week.
Bubba was sick two weeks ago.

And on, and on, and on.  So no doubt I am going to get sick.  I can feel it coming (or can I)?  Sometimes I think my mind plays tricks on me.  I feel tired, but I always feel tired so that probably has no correlation.  I just spent the day yesterday with my MIL, so hope to god I didn't get her sick.. she totally can't get sick. 

Oh and a weekend at a health fair.  Health Fair.  Term is quite contradictory frankly.  I've not seen that many unhealthy people in one room together.  Good thing they were at the health fair!

So I have my antibacterial gel.  I have kleenex.  I'm lysol'ing the entire house tomorrow night and Wednesday to prepare for my family guests.  And I'm going to pray.  A lot.

I did decide we could all just lay on the living room floor with blankies and watch the parade if we are too sick to eat or move on turkey day.  I sure hope that doesn't happen since I'm the one cooking. 

I'm sure the wine will kill my bacteria.

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