Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making the Peace

Ever had to eat crow?  It is NOT a fun experience, certainly something my non-confrontational self hates to do.

I cheated a couple of months ago.  Don't get your panties in a wad ~ it was on my hairdresser.  I started my new job and one of my coworkers told me about this gal that cuts her hair and how I just HAD to go see her.  Her twin sister is also in her shop and does nails so I figured I would go get that new shellac stuff and see if I liked it.  My nails do NOT grow.  I guess instead of losing calcium in my old age I have no folic acid in my diet.  Or iron.  Or fiber.  Explains a lot, really.

So I started seeing Twin 2 for my nails.  They were rockin' awesome the first few times I did it!  I loved them but so wasn't up to paying $38 every 2 1/2 weeks to keep them up.  I am SO low maintenance compared to that nonsense.  Eventually though the stuff started eating what nails I actually do grow on my own and now I'm down to nubs trying to start over again.  UGH.

Once I got to know Twin 1, I jumped and decided to let her cut my hair.  OMG.  It looks fantastic the day she cut it and slowly but surely within 2 weeks looked like crap.  It was barely long enough to even pull back so donning my Aunt Dixie I started throwing bobby pins all over my head.  I'm sure hubs thought I looked attractive!  Oh, and the best part?  $75 for my hair cut!  GEESH!  Do you KNOW how many bottles of wine I can get for that?!?!?

That's been months ago.  My hair is all grown out, split ends, looks even worse than before.  And I've been totally dreading the inevitable ~ I need to go back to my hairdresser and apologize.  This sucks.  She will totally know too - I've seen her for three years and then stop all of a sudden and now I'm gonna walk in with jacked up hair and she won't notice?  Ah crap.

I'm headed over there now.  If you see me tomorrow and my head is shaven you will know she didn't forgive me.  Or she cut it so badly that I had no other choice.  Thank god for cute hats and scarves that may be only solution out of this.

Maybe I should just take in a peace offering? 

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