Wednesday, November 02, 2011

It's MY fault?

I'm not very political in nature.  Ok, some of you would disagree.  But there is a difference between being politically minded and OPINIONATED.  Oh, I got that one down perfectly, thanks to my Jackson family southern Missouri roots.  I will certainly join in the crowd on Facebook passive aggressively and make my political opinions be known.

I call myself "fiscally conservative with socially liberal tendencies".  Right, whatever.  The real truth is that I believe what I believe and I'm passionate about it (like everything else in my life).  If it is in my moral code to believe it is true, then it is.  Again, thanks Momma for that stubbornness!

So I just don't get our society anymore.  If you look around, there are MILLIONS of people picketing, asking for more, feeling shorted somehow by our government.  Hmmm, very interesting to me.  I've got an idea:  why in the hell are you waiting for an institution to help you do anything?  Land of the free?  If you want something badly enough... just go get it!  Hard work has never stopped someone from reaching their dreams in our country.  Yet so many citizens keep their arms stretched out looking for a hand out.  Or better yet... someone to blame when they DON'T achieve their dreams.

Look ~ don't blast me.  I do know that there are some unfortunate souls in our society that do not possess the mental capacity to participate in decisions that affect them.  But for the by and large, they do.  The majority of Americans are able bodied and can work hard for what they want, there is just a huge sampling that has entitlement behavior and thinks someone else (the MAN) should hand it to them instead. 

Whatev.  My opinion?  Stop picketing and go get a damn job.  Push your way up and make whatever you want to find your happiness.  With a degree, without a degree, with experience, without experience, with legs, without legs.... your success is completely equivalent to the amount of effort you want to expend.  'Nough said.

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  1. Ok, you started the day off way too early!