Friday, November 11, 2011

Buffet Pants ROCK!

I'm officially nesting.  NO, I'm NOT preggo, thank you very much.  Every year when the leaves start to change color and cooler weather settles in, I start to cook.  Slightly misguided since it coincides with more inactivity usually, which only promises I will reach my new goal of wrestling outside of my weight class.  Ah... another blog.

My hubs and I had an awesome change in duties 10 years ago.  When little guy was born, hubs became a stay-at-home dad.  Yeah - back when not that many were, so he had to explain to people why he wasn't "unemployed".  Some people just never got it.

Anyway ~ since he began to stay home, he started to cook.  Experimenting, really.  Then I started buying books.  Oh, we have them all:  Emeril, Mario, Lidia, Tyler, Bobby, Rachael, and of course Paula.  If they had a show on Food Network, I bought the book.  Every Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthday... another book.  Always inscribed "Cook me something yummy to love!".  And he did... oh did he ever.  We have had some of the most awesome meals I've ever consumed in my life in the past ten years... evidenced by my weight gain.  The longer he stayed home, the more weight I packed on.

Now, he is a very healthy cook.  When he cooks, we eat a lot of fish, chicken, lean meat.  Salads are a staple (not as the first course but the main) and nothing is every fried.

Except for November.  When I take over.  It's only the 11th of the month and already my fridge has been filled with fiesta chicken chili, goulash, ham and beans, steak soup.  Oh, and just went to the store to stock up next week?  Chicken and rice, tomato bisque and homemade cheese sammies, spaghetti.  Comfort food.  Warm food.  FATTENING FOOD.

Lots of my friends are wanting to kick start diets before the holidays.  I feel so guilty.  Not only do I hate to follow food regimens anyway, but I certainly have no desire to start a DIET before the holidays?!  I've already pre-ordered P90x2... isn't that enough of a game plan?  I mean really... how much more weight can I possibly gain before the first of the year?

Full transparency is here....  I don't want to diet.  I don't want to restrict my portions.  I don't want to eat healthy.  Oh sure, I know I SHOULD do it.  I just don't wanna do it.

I've busted my ass this year, did P90x (1) from Jan - March while simultaneously training for a marathon.  Came back from an injury and trained again for another marathon (which ended abruptly due to a significant infection).  I've maintained the same number on the scale since the end of March.  Sure, my waistline would beg to differ, but nonetheless, the scale hasn't moved up.  Yet.

So I'm sticking it out and holding my ground.  I'm eating two helpings of homemade stuffing and green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe three if I can squeeze it all in.  Thank god for buffet pants!

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