Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ewww, don't touch that!

I think one of the things I love about the holidays (or changing any season really) is the fact that I get to drag out all of my decorations and CLEAN.  Really clean... like move the furniture clean.  After an hour and a half of grocery shopping this morning at two different stores I came home and started in at 10:30.  I just sat down 8 1/2 hours later.  And I'm not really done yet.

But I do find it awesomely rewarding to look around at my abode and see actual wood without dust on it.  See carpet without Jack and Bella's fur on it.  

I do absolutely, unequivocally HATE one thing:  toilets.  Seriously?!  I am convinced that if I lived alone I bet I wouldn't even have to clean the toilets.  But these boys?  Geesh!  I get multi-tasking but just TRY to hit the water, will ya?  UGH!

So with that nasty task completed (times 4 by the way), I am chilling out for awhile before the cooking extravaganza begins.  I'm so excited - Bubba, my girlie girl and nugget are coming to spend the night!  I love that the kids have been gone three years and they still want to come home for holidays (even though they live in my town).  I cherish these moments even more now that Bubba is headed to boot camp.  Every extra second I get with the kids is a huge reward!

Off to move laundry... then I'll chill.  Maybe :).

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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