Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Light Special

How I ever ended up in sales is such a mystery to me.  Okay, so I like people.  I don't know a stranger.  Somehow I come off confident, strong and independent (or so I've been told).  But SALES?!  Seriously?!  Sales people drive me crazy - especially the persistent ones.  So I tend to be a much more laid back, consultative type of sales person.

Except internally I'm dying.  I get so over anxious I'm shocked I haven't dropped of a heart attack yet. 

My new job is AWESOME.  I love the people I get to work with everyday.  Friendly, accommodating, cheerful and kind.  What more could a girl like me want?  Sales.  That's what I want.

I'm so fiercely determined and competitive so that's what always lands me high scores on a sales personality test.  What those tests really don't tell you is how insane the process can make a person like me.  Remember my little problem with "hyperactivity"?  Yeah, not really good in a long sales process.  The waiting KILLS me.  Although most good sales people also have ADD.  Strange that those two things coincide.  Unless you have a quick sales cycle, which I don't usually.

So I have two prospects to potentially close within the next week.  I'm optimistically hopeful but trying not to get too confident.  It's a highly competitive world out there.

Cross your fingers - momma needs a new dishwasher.  And an ice maker.  And a back screen door.  Oh the list is so forever long it would spend any dime I ever made (and then some!)

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