Monday, November 28, 2011

Manners, anyone?

This one will probably get me in trouble.  Oh well.  Wait ~ I'm a grown up... how can I get in trouble?!

I try to be a bit anonymous when I type my blog.  I don't use any names or places really.  But I do have everything linked up - blog goes to twitter, twitter goes to facebook... and so on.  So it's high likelyhood everyone knows exactly who I'm talking about when I blog.  Again - oh well.  Don't read it if you don't want to, that's my theory!

I do have to laugh that I wrote a GIANT blog on my iPhone this weekend that didn't upload.  Thank God.  It was NOT nice at all.  Momma did tell me if I don't have anything nice to say.... I forget the rest.

This weekend hubs and I went to the MU/kU football game.  WAY to much fun.  Went with our friends and our nephew and his wife from Colorado.  We had a blast.  That which we can remember.

My friend asked me today if hubs and I were talking yet.  Great - I didn't know we weren't?  Classic us.  Having fun at a party, drinking a few diet cokes (my MIL calls them this... cracks me up) and then BAM!  All hell breaks loose.  I get lippy, most likely.  I'm sure I start it - I get a bit antagonistic when I have to many diet cokes.  So apparently I did and said something not so nice to hubs.  He didn't like me much.

So we packed up and left.  True Davis fashion.  Whenever I get mad or drink to many diet cokes I just leave the event.  Whatever it is.  I could be sitting in a private room with John Mayer serenading me just the two of us, but if I had to many diet cokes I would just get up and leave.  So rude and so not nice.

Oh this isn't the first time this happened - not even this week.  I did it to a gfriend I work with last Tuesday.  Left her at a bar by herself after "going to my car to get my phone charger".  Nice.

So I need to work on this one.  Maybe if I go to the special meetings they can teach me how NOT to do this.  Or maybe I should just switch to milk.  It is the holiday season and cookies are going to be bountiful.  Of course my BUTT will disagree that this is a good idea...

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