Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flash Alert!

As spontaneous as I try to live, my mornings begin the same way almost every single day of my life.  If I was successful at actually going to bed at a decent hour (before midnight), actually set my alarm properly (am - NOT pm) and can actually drag my exhausted butt out of bed (the trifecta) - I try to run with my neighbs.  Now some of my friends are SUPER excited about the mornings and can run at 5 am.  No, this is never a great idea for me. 

For one, ever since I started to train longer distances, I have a very specific running routine (oh man, this might be a pattern!)  I have to get up and be up for awhile first, drink some coffee, do some "business" and then I can go.  If things don't happen in that order... well, you get the point.

This morning I actually got up right at 5:45.  Drank my coffee, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned up the living room and was ready to run by 6:10 with my buddy JP.  We met right on time and had a pretty decent run (as opposed to last week when I had an epic failure - I'm remounting the horse after a 6 week hiatus).  I got back inside by 6:40 and went to chat with the hubs.

To keep my blog PG (or at least PG-13), suffice it to say I didn't get my youngest buddy out of bed until 7:25.  Yep, I lost track of time.  That happens to me OFTEN in my life ~ if you don't know this about me, I have a slight case of ADD.  Undiagnosed, of course.  I'm no dummy... I don't want that on my permanent record!

So the morning went into hyperdrive.  Get buddy dressed.  Feed him breakfast.  Finish homework we didn't know we had last night.  Take the dogs out.  Bring the dogs in.  Feed the dogs.  Take the dogs back out.  Bring the dogs back in.  Pack buddy's backpack and fill his water bottle.  Running around with my head cut off screaming every 5 seconds "Are you dressed buddy?  Are you dressed?  You're going to miss the bus!  Are you dressed?" To which I get "Mom~ of COURSE I'm not dressed!  I'm eating breakfast and doing my homework!"  Grrrr.

At 8:05 I throw him in the car.  Speed to the car rider line at school by 8:10.  Kiss and kick him out of the car.  Speed back home.  Kiss the hubs goodbye (who is smiling happily).  It's 8:15.  I'm in my running clothes.  I'm exhausted.  And I have a department meeting at 9:00.  Seriously?!

I pulled a total Danika Patrick move - showered by 8:22, stepping into the car at 8:30 am with make up on.  Only one small issue - wet hair.  It's no wonder my hair looks the way it does.  I forget to do it about half of the time.  So after sweating to death on my 80 mph drive in with the heater blasting, my hair is dry enough to pull in a pony and call it half good.

I rush into the board room at work at 9:02.  Luckily, I'm not late - people are still assembling.  In an attempt to hurry up and get my butt in a chair, I grab my giant purse/bag to grab my glasses out of it (of which they aren't - they are at home in the bathroom.. awesome).  And that's when the pinnacle of the morning happens - my purse snags the edge of my dress and comes right up on to my hip.  Yep - totally flashed everyone in the board room.  Fabulous.  Guess they didn't know when they hired me I would eventually show my ass - literally!  Oh well - at least the men in the department weren't in there yet.  The rest of the staff will know the real me (if they don't already) in short order!

I think it's time I try to figure out how to either slow down my morning or get up earlier?  Pretty soon I'll be up at 4:00 to watch Marcus Welby.  Ugh.

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  1. You could have run at 5:15 and avoided all these problems. Just sayin. ;-)