Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finding the Funny

I'm smiling today.  Not really because I want to but because I was told to. 

A seminar speaker (yes, another one) that I heard a couple of weeks ago said we have the power of positive thinking.  We could actually sort of will something to happen in our lives if we remained positive about it.  Seriously.  Who in their right mind believes that?  Oh ~ she sure did.  We even did an exercise where we looked at our partner (the BFF) and said outloud something we wanted but in the past tense, as if we already had it.  Of course I said "Oh my god BFF, I LOVE my new car!  Did you see it yet?  It is so freakin' awesome and I'm so excited to drive it!"  Oh yeah, that worked.  Next day I found out I needed an entire freakin' new engine.  Ugh.

So I don't totally buy into the whole "positive thinking" mumbo jumbo.

But she did say something that I think might be accurate.  If you look hard enough, really really hard, you can find something funny in everyday things.  Gut laughing funny.  Man, I could use a big dose of that today!!

I'm hoping to stumble into something funny soon.  Supposedly it's right in front of me.  Another hmmmmm.  We shall see!

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