Saturday, October 22, 2011

Poke the Bear

Approximately once a month, with no specific pattern (eh hem), I turn into the most psychotic woman on the face of the planet for about 24 hours.  Hmmm.  Have no idea what that happens.  Just a hint ~ I was the in the BEST mood during the entire 9 months of both of my pregnancies since my hormones weren't active any longer.  Oh well, at least I'm self aware.

That 24 hour period of time this month culminated with my management of my LEAST favorite material item = my car.  I should either live in an extremely small community, college town or back in the olden times when my transportation could have been a horse.  I HATE cars... hate them.  Never liked them, not one little bit.  Means to an end, that's it for me. 

Those of you that know me now probably don't believe that because of my current transportation so I'll explain.  Yep, I drive a Saab.  So what.  Anyone can drive a Saab.  Or a BMW.  Or a Volvo.  Or a damn Lamborghini.  If you can't afford it new, there is this awesome idea of purchasing previously owned vehicles.  So that's exactly what I did on my 36th birthday with my hubs out of town ~ bought my midlife crisis (see, I act 50 even though I in my 30's). 

This car will be my demise.  I'm certain of it.  I am only $12,000 little dollars away from paying full retail, new car pricing for this thing.  This car has already surpassed the cost of my family home when my parents bought it in 1973.  Seriously.

But this experience is nothing new for me.  Just short of 40 years old, this car is my 10th car.  Yes, you read that right... my TENTH car.  My string of luck has included the following fun:

  • '77 Toyota Corolla (which I totaled... and it was my mom's car)
  • '90 Suzuki Sidekick (LOVED it.  First new car, ex took it in the divorce and sold it)
  • '67 Dodge Dart (my fav.. NOT.  Bright blue with blue vinyl matching interior, no heater and AM radio~ but my bro bought it trying to help me out)
  • '89 Dodge Hatchback thing (had it 1 month, the dealer had to take it back because the seller changed their mind on their new purchase and demanded their car back!)
  • '92 Mazda sedan thing (my only other brand new car, loaned to me for 3 months by the Mazda dealer for jacking me on my car sale)
  • '90 Beretta - first one.  Kinda treated it like a rental, it stressed me out because I didn't really pick it (Mazda dealer jack up situation).  Totaled it 3 months before my wedding.
  •  '92 Beretta - yep, did it again.    And yes, totaled this car as well.
  • '89 Honda Accord hatchback.  Paid $1,200 for the car, drove it for 2 years.  By the time I sold it, it had no brakes, no clutch and the power steering was out.  Probably my best investment.
  • '97 Honda Accord ~ probably my best car.  Willed it to Bubba at 18 and he sold it.
  • And now... the /'03 Saab.  Bought it in 2008 for way less than it's Blue Book and put $16,000 additionally into it since I bought it ($11,000 of which was under warranty, before you freak out)
So after shelling out $2,000 yesterday for a beautifully rebuilt engine, anger is at a new level for me.  All of my friends keep asking the obvious "why aren't you just selling it??"  Did you know there isn't much of a market for a car without an operating engine?  Turns out it loses quite a bit of it's value if it doesn't run.  Oh, and I still owe on the car... go figure.  Just burning money at this point.

At this point I am DETERMINED to keep this car until I die.  Oh sure, I'll buy another stupid car that will take me from point A to B again, but this one will live in my garage for eternity.  I can't afford NOT to keep it.  It's a challenge at this point to keep the damn thing running.

Can't wait for my D-day (downsize day).  I'm pretty sure the Saab has a tow hitch ~ so I hope it can pull the bullet.  It better - this bear is EVIL when poked!

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