Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monumental Moments

As I enjoy my coffee this morning I am contemplating.  A very big set of decisions will be made today.  What an experience! 

It isn't often that we experience monumental moments in our lives.  Sure, getting married is one of the life changers.  Having kids, that will do it.  But beyond that, we have experiences for certain but aren't really faced with to many choices and decisions that are monumental, changing your life path.  A divorce maybe (ugh).  Even deaths don't really do it as they are a natural cycle of life (unless a tragic accident happens).

So once we hit parenthood, we slip into consistent patterns.  Live lives fairly complacently.  Don't really change much.  Become older and more set in our ways, thus more resistant to change entirely.

I am anxious today.  A bit nervous, but excited.  I know the big decisions being made are great ones that will encite adventure, excitement, unknown experiences.  They will also have an impact on others too (including me) and cause a bit of anxiety, uncertainty, unawareness and a bit of saddness.  But this too shall pass and the end result will be a monumental change in the lives of others. 

I wonder why we don't consider change more often?  Lots of people I know would call change "drama".  How sad.  It doesn't have to be considered that negatively.  Changes can help a person be their better, higher person.  Experiencing life in a diverse manner will give you a more holistic view of the world around you.

So today I pray.  I pray for the decisions being made to hold strength, confidence, courage and excitement.  I pray we handle the news we receive intelligently, maturely and lovingly. 

I can't wait for my phone to ring!!

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