Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Things - What's on Your List?

A coworker (and friend) of mine sent this to me so I thought it would be great to share on this platform.  This came from a fellow blogger from an exercise she did with her hubby a couple of years ago.  I'll find her info and give her proper credit on my next 30 things blog.

Anyway - this is a great exercise to do with a friend, a significant other or a spouse.  So this is for you, friends.  Hopefully now you have a little more insight onto all things me.

Oh - and this is in replacement of the "thankful" lists roaming around on facebook.  I tried that one year and failed myself brutally - I can barely keep up with day to day stuff without adding on that task... especially in the busiest season at work!

For now I'll just do a few and catch up slowly.  Some days I may have to do more or less.  We shall see.

Oh - and by the way, if you are brave... do it with me!  Just comment below my posts and give me some of your stuff.  I'd love to learn more about everyone that reads my blog!

1.  List 20 random facts about yourself.

Well, most of you that know me already know these things, but here goes:

I'm random the majority of the time.
I am always multi-tasking.  Always.
Sometimes I stumble on my words because my brain is thinking ahead to what I want to say next.
I'm pretty sure my brother broke my nose when I was little (although he refuses to fess up).
I hate crawl spaces (or underground, unfinished, concrete basements.)
I love small spaces and used to hide in them when little (closets, clothes racks at department stores).
I love the sun and desire it every day (and get lonely and sad when it's gray).
I miss my mom every single day of my life.
Pictures of me are always better when I'm on the right (or left, looking at the picture taker)... see nose comment above.
I vehemently hate poleta.
I can't cover my face with blankets without fear that I will lose my breath forever.
I don't mind if my dog licks my face.
I have to be able to find my hub's toes in the bed at night to touch them with mine.
I have yet to find the perfect pair of jeans for my body.
I wish I would have lived in a college dorm.
I skim when I read but still have excellent reading comprehension.
I have a bucket list of adventures I want to do before I die.
I've been in the same career for 20 years (as long as I've been married.... almost).
I would live all of my days on nothing but pasta (Italian food in general) if I could figure out how to do it safely.
I absolutely, positively love to write and wish I had more time to do so.

2.  Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain why.

Okay, this is easy.

I'm afraid of high dives at the pool.  I just know when I hit the water I'm going to break all my bones at impact, sink to the bottom and drown.  I have no idea why I have this fear as I love water, lived at the pool as a kid (and still do as an adult) and I loved rope swings in my 20's on the river.  But I am genuinely afraid of them as an adult. 

I love the dark but still fear what lurks IN the dark.  This goes back to childhood.  I had night terrors or nightmares (whatever they are called) a lot when I was a kid and they were DARK - people kidnapping me, people trying to kill me... not good.  I don't know why (a therapist would LOVE me I'm sure!).  Thank god for bedside lamps because I still won't turn off the light from across the room and get into bed without jumping.

When I hold a gun, even when it is unloaded, I am convinced it will misfire and kill me (or the person I am with).  I know that it couldn't happen, but somehow I believe a bullet would materialize and that would be that.  Death is so permanent the thought sends chills down my spine.

3.  Describe your relationship with your parents.

This could be its own blog, so I'll be brief.  I love them.  

I hated my mother when I was a teen and I was brutally awful to her.  I apologized every time we spoke for my nasty behavior as a teen after I became a mother myself.  She forgave me.  She became my best friend and confidant.  She passed 8 years ago.  I miss her every day.

My Dad and I?  Well, a little more complicated.  He's a fellow Scorpio, that should tell you all you need to know.  We are both fiercely independent, opinionated and passionate..  I love him, that's all that's important.

More tomorrow, friends!


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  1. Hmm...maybe I should just write my own 30 things blog entry instead of posting it here. I'll see if I can fit that in with the other 8000 things I have going on right now.