Tuesday, November 27, 2012

T for Technical, not Tennis

I absolutely love passionate people.
Especially those that are passionate about me.  Or my kids.
This weekend little guy had a basketball tournament.  As we started our first game, I realized quickly we were going to be matched up pretty well.  Although we have only played a few games this season, we are playing up a grade level most of the time to get the competitive level we need to challenge our boys.  This actually gives little guy some work to do.  At 5'6" he is typically 2 to 3 inches taller than most of the boys his age so it's nice to see him eye to eye with another player.
Until the smack down starts.
5:00 minutes into the first game, it was apparent to me that Coop was going to have to fight to the end.  The boy he was guarding wasn't really bigger than him but definitely aggressive.  He threw elbows early and backed hard into Coop underneath the basket every trip down the court.  Coop had three fouls going into the second half... all against this kid.  And I lost count at how many times Coop landed on the floor from trips and shoves.
By the fourth foul, it was obvious Coop was pissed.  He was huffing around throwing his arms up.  It didn't take rocket science to figure out what was coming next.
The next whistle was for him.  Nope, not a foul.  A technical.  Yep, my 11 year old was given his first technical for "unsportsmanlike conduct".  My son.  Unsportsmanlike.  I can barely type it... seriously.  He wouldn't be hurtful or hateful to a fly. 

The ref said he saw Coop try to kick the other player.  I asked him straight out (in my MEAN ass mom voice) "did you try to kick that boy, Cooper?" 
"NO MOM!  I would NEVER kick someone!"
But here's the best part of the story:  said boy that my child was abusing?  His father was sitting behind my Dad and I in the bleachers.  And he was vocal.  VERY VOCAL.  About my "dirty player that finally got kicked out of the game".  Dirty.
Passion kicked in.  My Dad, usually the nicest, calmest, most patient man on the face of the planet, turned around to him.  Very politely, he said "Excuse me?" 
The next couple of minutes are a blur, but suffice it to say he proudly stood up for his grandson.  Even after the man continued to insult Coop. 
Other parents chimed in, too.  They saw what we saw.  I promise I'm not bragging on my kid - it just is what it is.  He's no bully... on the court or off.  I'd take his head off if I ever saw him display a second of that behavior!  It is my most despised behavior.  I have giant convictions about it.
I'm proud of my Dad.  I think he might have been a tad bit embarrassed but I sure wasn't.  He even apologized to me, concerned I was embarrassed.
Totally not necessary.  Ever.  I'm glad that he feels as protective about my little guy as I do.  It's so awesome to know others would stick up when necessary (and when others can't).
I love that passion.  It's the best!  Big thanks to Pooh for being the best Grandpa EVER!
Have a great Tuesday, friends!

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