Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bend it, Beckham

Our football season has come to an end.  Unfortunately for little guy, it came abruptly. 

We played our last two games this past weekend in a local area tournament.  Saturday was tough - we played a very strong team with great athletic abilities.  The score was tied 6 to 6 at the half and we knew it would be a tough battle to keep momentum and bring it on home.

Unfortunately, we didn't.  Sometimes that happens.  We lost momentum, the other team made two scores and we went down.

For the boys, they played their hearts out.  With 2 minutes to go in the game, little guy tripped over a lineman and fell forward into the helmet of one of his teammates.  His fingers bent back towards his wrist as his friend continued to move in forward motion. 

End result:  high wrist sprain from hyper extending his fingers.  Ouchie.

So now, on the heels of full transition into basketball, we are here.  2 weeks no physical sports.  Rest, ice, splint and Advil.  And lots of praying.

It was a relief to have the doctor rule out any breaks on Saturday as hubs and I were convinced a bone in his hand had been impacted.  Thank God we were wrong.

I've slid into full on nurse mode, although I have to admit I don't baby him as much as I used to.  Maybe I've just grown calloused to his injuries.  Not that he has many.  I just know we aren't out of the woods until the day he stops playing sports (which according to him will be NEVER).

We have already found out we have tournament this weekend so this could be interesting.  Doctor said NO basketball but of course we will be taking him all week to practice.

It's fun being a sports mom.  Honestly, it is.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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