Thursday, November 01, 2012

Post-scare Winddown

Well, he triumphed.  The little guy scared everyone last night.  Even when NOT wearing his mask.

His friends did, too.  We are entrenched in the days of the scare... blood, weapons and fear.  Lovely.

I must admit though that while watching people's reactions to the kiddos scary costumes, I'm still ever grateful that I don't have a daughter that wants to wear garter belts and stockings.... at 11.  Because that's what Party City (and the like) are trying to sell them.  And that's what they are wearing... a lot of them.


Once again, I am totally surprised (although I shouldn't be by this point in my life) of the mother's that purchase these costumes for their daughters.  What in the world are they thinking?  Why do they want their daughters to look older than they are?  To be "sexy" at 11?  I can't get my arms around it at all.  I was certainly never allowed out of the house that way.  Even if I could twist my mother's arm and convince her to buy something that "everyone was wearing", my father wouldn't have let me out of the house in it if it wasn't deemed appropriate, both in age and in modesty.

But times they are a changing.  Or I'm just getting to old to understand I presume.

Big shout out and thanks though to my girlfriends who dressed their girls modestly, in cute outfits that resembled both their youth and your convictions.  You're doing a great job, moms! 

Have a great Thursday, friends.  Myself... well, I'm trying to recover from to much apple cider last night.

Another Halloween survived.


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