Monday, November 26, 2012

The Task of a Plan

I'm so achy.  My hands are torn to shreds from all the pine needles.  My shoulder is still burning from my Evil Knievel stunt this weekend.  And I have hours of prep to go before opening the house this weekend.
I will say this:  I have the most patient husband on the planet when it comes to my craziness.  He just smiles, pats my head (condescendingly I'm sure) and moves out of the way.  This time of the year I am absolutely CRAZY.  I run around like an insane woman.
Wait... that's not really any different than any other time of year I suppose.
I do yearn for the day when that part of me will slow down a bit.  Where I can relax without guilt, put my feet up and just chill.  I'm not sure that is really in my DNA though.  But I do yearn for that ability.
A ton of my friends are already through Christmas shopping.  I haven't even started.  Not only that - I haven't even made a list yet or figured out WHEN I'm going to start.
I did start my Christmas cards last night.  Well, the design of them, anyway.  But I'm not sure when I will actually order them.  Or send them for that matter.
And so it goes... my life.  Lists, obligations, promises and desires.  Someday, one day, it will be simplified. 
Hopefully this week I can accomplish a few things, amidst two work speaking engagements (at night), cleaning carpets (thanks, Jack) and a little party for 50 of my closest friends in 4 days.
Have a great (PRODUCTIVE) Monday, friends!


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