Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Doctor is In

Let the therapy begin.

Anything tragic that occurs in one's life can cause a flurry of emotions.  Consequently, many turn to therapy.  Or liquor.

The election results have resulted in just that:  my new career.  I've become a full time therapist in addition to my responsibilities as a consultant.

I'm officially changing my name to Lucy.  I've always thought it was cool she was a Van .  How cool is it to have a VAN in front of your name?  And Van Pelt brings back fun memories of my elementary school band teacher.

But I digress.

Just a disclaimer (in case you need reminding):  this blog is a PERSONAL blog and the thoughts and words presented herein are of my OWN opinion and do not reflect the opinions of others (primarily, my employer).  Just to get that out there.

15 years ago I spent a great deal of time with an association that lobbied in the healthcare arena, specifically to protect the free enterprise of the purchase of insurance.  I went to DC 4 years in a row lobbying to our Senators and House Reps for freedom of choice, the antithesis of "National Healthcare".  I educated myself, my clients and the employees of my clients on what Hillary Clinton was designing, presenting and attempting to place into her husband's candidacy for all Americans.  It was a bi-partison discussion.  I stood with fellow republicans and democrats to try to save the sanctity of free enterprise, competition and choice.

We won.  Until 4 years ago.

I sat on my couch Tuesday night with knots in my stomach and bile in my throat.  The past four years have been the hardest in my career to say the least.  I sit before owners of small businesses and their employees everyday and counsel not only the financial implications of the current administration's impact on them but the potential impact of the next four years should Obama remain in office and Obamacare remain as enacted.  

It's grim.  

Oh don't get me wrong:  I think it's super nice that we care so much about our citizens that we propose a method to give them allegedly free healthcare.


The implications of the Affordable Care Act reach so far beyond what most Americans know and understand.  

And those people, my clients and friends, their dedicated employees.... they will pay for it.  Until they can't.

It was grim 4 years ago when Obama single handedly pushed Obamacare through without regard to the political design that had been established centuries ago.  As a consultant, I hurriedly educated myself on all facets of the proposal (yes, all 2,000+ pages of it) to begin helping my clients understand it's intent.

And just like that:  I began a therapist.

But we had hope.  Hope for the future.  Hope that in four years (and in the middle of the Affordable Care Act implementation calendar, prior to the BOOM that will drop is 2014), we could change the current administration and protect their businesses from failure.

See, most small employers report that benefits is the SECOND highest cost of their organization closely behind payroll expense.  Each 20-30% increase in premiums they incur is a direct threat to future raises, purchasing of equipment, advances in technology and of course... retention of their employees, directly impacting their bottom line.

But we had ridden out that exposure.  We helped them through it with hope.  Hope for the future.

Tuesday that hope was squelched.  The American people didn't vote fiscally.  They voted emotionally, socially.

I cried as I fell asleep Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning my liberal friends on facebook were so excited (of course), expelling the virtue of acceptance and moving on.  I'm happy for them.

For me, that's not so easy.  I endure the policies written by the current administration EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

Needless to say, my first appointment Wednesday morning was morose.  With tears in her eyes, my client wimpered across her desk to me:

"What are we going to do now?"

I touched her hand and reassured her.  I will continue to advise her, counsel her and protect her company and her employees to the best of my abilities.  Hope is not lost.

I hope she didn't see what I was really feeling.  I feel deflated, defeated.  Hope is lost for now.  Most likely, the bill Obama pushed through will stand unless by some stroke of luck pieces of it can be repealed.  He promises now that he will work with Republicans.  He saw how divided this country is and promises to bring us together.

We shall see.  It's going to be a long and hard 4 years.

So to my liberal friends rejoicing today, pardon me if I don't join in your celebrations.  Excuse me if I don't share in your excitement.  And forgive me for not "praying for our current president".

Nope, I'm to bitter for that.  For now, anyway.

Sorry friends, sometimes my truths prevail (and escape onto paper).

By the way... if you happen to be in Obama's camp:  please don't comment on my blog.  I seriously can't argue with you at this time.  The time for debate is finished and is irrelevent.  I have to reserve my energy for discussion with the Americans this policy is directly affecting.  Real people enduring the true outcome of his actions.. So please forgive me for not wanting to banter with you over the results of this election.



  1. True that. The results of this election will impact people on a much greater level than personal or ethical (while that is an issue all on its own). My job, your job - it will have severe implications and scary ones at that. It's unfortunately too late to explain that to people, just sit back and brace for impact.