Monday, November 12, 2012

I Like Your WHEELZ!

It always refreshes my heart to visit with friends, especially those that I don't see as often anymore.  This weekend I had a great opportunity to reconnect with my friends from my previous employer - friends that may have started as coworkers but will forever remain close to me.  Although the whole gang couldn't be together, three of us four girls were together both Friday and Saturday night to celebrate life and friendship.

And fun we had!

There are a zillion pics of all four of us together, but this one is probably my favorite.  It makes me totally sad to think that this was taken 4 years ago.  Not even right.

This photo was taken at Cocoa Beach.  One of our favorite destinations together.

KK, CB, Shermie and Me

We try to get together as often as possible, which usually results in not very much.  Even though CB is the one that moved away, since my departure a year and a half ago from my previous employer even the three remaining G Girls find it hard to get our schedules perfectly synced.

Huge bummer.  Because I totally love these girls and our friendships. 

We love the fact that we each represent a decade yet we have so much in common with one another.  How often do 4 women ages 60 something, 50 something, 40 something and 30 something get along so well?  But we do - and we never stop laughing together.

On her way traveling west, CB stopped in town this weekend.  Fun was had all the way around.  Friday night the girls met without me (we had football) but they had a great time, as per usual!

Saturday night I got to join in on the fun, although I was sad to miss Shermie.  She had other stuff to do that was way more important than drinking with us girls (again).  Wait... what could be more important? :)

I started (and ended) the night with KK.  She constantly makes me laugh.  Her intellect, quick wit and sharp comebacks leave me doubled over most of the time we are together.  I miss her in my daily work environment. 

To contribute to the fall party, I took a ton of my fave new caramel apple and candy apple jello shots.  Yeah - I think they were gone in 2 hours.  Oh well - next time I need to remember to make more than 50.

Although Shermie was absent, we were able to visit with CB's bestie, Donna.  Such a hoot.  She fits in perfectly with the G Girls (or we fit in with her and CB... whichever).

As always, it was hard to leave.  Our lives are incredibly busy and I'm not sure when I will get to see CB again.  We talk about it all the time but find it hard to actually make the travel.  And now all my extra funds are saving up to see the kids in Cali.

Have I mentioned I leave in FOUR DAYS to see the kids?!?!  I'm so freakin' excited!!

Cheers to old friends that remain close regardless of the distance.  I love you girls!

Have a great Monday, friends!


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