Friday, December 28, 2012


Wow - who would have known I would already be typing the FINAL Friday Faves of 2012!  This year has absolutely FLOWN by for me with very few breaks.  Our year has been filled with emotions, both good and sometimes not so great, but together as a family we triumphed all events with as much grace we could muster.

In honor of 2012, below are my fave photos reflecting my favorite memories.  Most of you walked through these with me throughout the year so hopefully you will remember them fondly as well!


Oh Lord.  Truth be told, I didn't make it to midnight so technically I guess this is a 2011 picture.  But I tried.  I really, really tried.  No thanks to Parks' Jagermeister!

Love the EC girls!!


Every year since we moved to Eagle Creek our good friends and neighbs (the Fains) have opened their home for the annual neighborhood Superbowl Party (well - all but the first year.  The Harlow's hosted and them promptly moved after that.  Hmmm..)  We drink, eat and lay around screaming at the television.  Good times!  I never have a pic of hubs and I during the event but I always have a picture of the gracious hosts!  Thanks for the fun, Fains!


I loved that St. Pats fell on the weekend this year!  KC has a great celebration and hubs and I were right in the thick of it this year.  Even nabbed a hotel room and stayed downtown!  The bands were great, the green beer was smooth and fun was had!


Bigs, aka Little Guy, had a great soccer season.  What made it the best though was his cheering section.  Who else has that many fans?  Bubba, Kate, E, Granny, Pooh, Hubs and I were at almost every spring soccer game.  The weather was fantastic this year - we hardly ever froze as in years past.  The best part of this support system were the game day treats provided by Granny and Pooh - donuts! I honestly think that was little guy's fave part :).


TD and I joined our EC friends to tackle the Brew to Brew race in Kansas City this year.  I have never laughed so hard!  We all jumped into our friend Jason's sweet ass (mini)van (yes, all 10 of us), rode to a local brewery and ran roughly a zillion miles in 10 legs.  Some of us struggled (I honestly about died on my 5 mile run in the 108 degree heat) but others breezed through and carried the rest of us.  Great fun was had by all!


Ugh - tough month.  Bubba swore in and joined our illustrious United States Navy, boarding a plane that very day.  It was a rough go for Katie and me.  So we did what family does best... we clung together tightly and didn't let go.  It became my mission in life for those two months to make her laugh as often as possible, trying to lighten to load of loneliness she surely was feeling.  But as sad as our hearts were feeling, we were all filled with overwhelming pride for this man, soon to be Sailor.


This summer brought about the BEST in baseball history for the Davis family!  Little guy made giant leaps in improvement as both a pitcher and a hitter.  He worked as our closer most games and pitched beautifully once his arm was warm.  He claimed two home runs this season and to many doubles and triples to count.  Our team went on to be the champions of our division - an accomplishment the boys will surely never forget.  For us parents... we screamed at the top of our lungs every game, sitting on the edge of the bleachers praying for each boy as he approached the mound.  It is truly the best family we have ever had sports wise.  I blogged a lot about it this summer, how bio parents, step parents, grandp's etc. all came together for these 12 little boys in perfect harmony.  And that it was - a perfect season.


And just like that, the summer flew by and our son became a United States Sailor.  Graduation was amazing, one of the best experiences I have ever had.  My pride was so overwhelming I could barely contain it.  Hubs and I both cried during the ceremony.  My son was completely changed after 8 weeks of boot camp, in ways I could have never imagined.  


For the first year in more years than I can remember, Hubs stepped back coaching football.  It was bittersweet to say the least.  Sure, he was on the sidelines helping from time to time but the direct impact on little guy was most definitely apparent.  I'm certain that 2013 will bring about more change with the direction we take but I trust in Hubs to do what is best for our little guy.  Either way, we had a great season, some great learning opportunities and little guy made some great new friends.


October would not be October without my annual girls trip to Hermann!  We had an absolutely blast this year!  Found some new spots (dancing, drinking, mayhem), loved on our house (as we do every year) and laughed singing all the way there thanks to DJ Jazzy Jen and Steph (our fearless driver).  I can't wait for next year's trip!!


Best month ever.  Not only my birthday month and fave holiday, Thanksgiving, but this November was my first trip (of many) to the West Coast to see my kids.  I have struggled so much with their move - I miss them all terribly.  But Hubs was right (as he often is)... getting there, seeing their environment and knowing they are safe, happy and settled gave me a great peace of mind.  I spent those four days running around chasing E, giggling and tickling and hugging Kate ever time I got the chance.  I cried all the way home but purchased my next ticket to see them shortly after arriving home!  I'll be back soon, kids!

Nana Presents :)


There are so many pictures of December to chose from.  It was a fantastic month with family and friends, not to mention Christmas!

I'll finish though with my favorite Christmas gift given to me:  a Bravelet.  For those of you not familiar, a woman started this company after making bracelets for herself, her sister, her mother and father after her mother was diagnosed with cancer.  So many people approached her about the beautiful bracelets that she started her own company, color coding each one she made to specify a certain cause.  The best part?  She donates portions of the proceeds to each cause she represents.

Mine?  Of course.  Support the Troops.  The military has been a part of my family for generations but now that my son has joined it means even that much more to me.  Even as an extended family member of my Sailor, the Navy has treated us just like part of their giant family.  My bracelet will remind me every day of the sacrifices they make for my freedom.

I couldn't be more proud to support our United States Military.  God Bless them ALL!

I hope you had a fantastic 2012 and I wish you the best in 2013!! Thanks for all of your support, comments and continued reading my crazy rants and raves.  I hope I've touched you in some way with a post or two - if for no other reason than to realize I'm about as crazy as they come!  Happy New Year!


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