Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Give me some SLEEP!

Oh blog, how I miss you!
I am absolutely, positively SWAMPED right now.  Every day and every night... all day and all night.
With no end in sight.
And I'm way tired.  And each day keeps snowballing into the next day, making me more and more tired.
I'm the kind of girl that REQUIRES sleep.  If I miss it, I have to make it up.  And lately I've missed a lot - and not made up any.
I see a desperate crash in my future of a 14 hour sleep fest.  Eventually that is what happens to me.  Or this will happen.
I have no idea where this need for sleep comes from but I've been this way my entire life.  I loved nap time as a child.  As a teen, I would come home from school and take naps.  When Bubba was little I would nap with him.  Even today, if I ever get the chance on a weekend, I will take a quick power nap in the afternoon to keep me running the rest of the day.
Lack of sleep impacts me dramatically.  Not only am I cranky, short and pretty much unpleasant to be around, I feel lethargic, unorganized and essentially useless.  I can't make decisions.  I'm a hot mess.
And I'm WAY behind on my B12 shots, which I've convinced my brain are the only thing that give me any energy nowadays.
Sometimes I wish I had a sleeping disorder so I could check into one of those swanky clinics and sleep for a week while they study me.
Nope.  Not gonna happen.  I must trudge on.
My dad used to get angry with me as a teen for sleeping so much.  "You can sleep when you're dead" was one of his much used quotes.
I wonder how close to dead he meant by that saying?  Because right now, I feel pretty darn close.
Oh well.  One of these days I will feel rested again, I have faith.  Until then, here's to coffee, 5 hour energy and learning how to operate in a zombie-like state.
Happy hump day, friends!


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