Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Opening at the Nuthouse

I am losing my ever loving mind.  I swear I am a wreck this time of year. 
Working through enrollment meetings with all the employees smoking (in an enclosed warehouse), shopping after work for last minute teacher's gifts and that hard to buy person (which took way to long with no bathrooms in sight), the grocery story with screaming kids hungry and tired from their own days and then home at 8:30 for an evening of cooking, cleaning and wrapping.  I am seriously completely exhausted.
So it's no doubt that I am certain I have failed my recent health risk assessment.  A new one that I have never seen before that asked a TON of questions related to sleep apnea: 
1.  Do you feel tired after a lunch without alcohol?  - wait, what?  Lunch without alcohol?  Just kidding... sort of.
2.  If you ride in a car for more than an hour do you get sleepy?
3.  Could you fall asleep if you laid down in the afternoon for a nap?
Okay seriously - either I'm totally ill or this test is S T U P I D.  What adult DOESN'T get sleepy after lunch?  Maybe those that aren't coffee / caffeinated all morning?  And what adult doesn't get sleepy on long car rides?  The rhythm alone is enough to put any mom to sleep in an instant.  And nap time?  Are you kidding me?! 
And no, I don't have sleep apnea.  But I do have another sleep disorder.  Not enough sleep.
I come from a family of sleepers.  My mother could lay her head down anywhere, anytime and fall asleep, even if only for 5 minutes.  I vividly remember her telling me as a child that she needed to "rest her eyes for a minute" which translated into "get out of the house and go play, I'm tired".  Both of my son's sleep beautifully and have since birth... all the way through the night early, always in their own beds and nap time was never hard (except taking it away).  Had they not had to enroll in school and grow up I'm sure both of them would still be napping every day.
Little guy sleeping after school... great position on the neck!
And me?  Well, I certainly don't get enough sleep.  I get 5 or 6 hours, prefer 7 or 8 but truth be told need probably 9 or 10.  When I am on, I am ON... full on.  My mind races at top speeds the majority of my waking hours and my heart is typically passionately involved in whatever I'm pursuing at the moment, so come nighttime this is one tired girl.
I told hubs this morning that I needed a weekend away, just to sleep.  I could seriously see myself snuggling in at the cabin we stayed at earlier this year and sleeping for 48 hours straight.
I'm sure that's not normal.  Then again, neither am I.
If I don't get some sleep STAT I'm going to end up in the nuthouse.  Oh well... at least then I could sleep.
Happy hump day, friends!


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