Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Ah.  The treasured snow day.  The dream of all kids.  The official right to stay home and play hookie without getting in trouble.

Little guy will be so pleased.  When he wakes up, that is.

As I tucked him into bed last night, he clung a little bit tighter than usual.  He even asked me to snuggle, which is out of the norm the past few years.  The past week of discussions about Sandy Hook have left him a little tattered around the edges.  It's hard enough to live in a world filled with senseless violence but the hard part for me is stripping the kids of their youth, naive sense of protection and innocence.  It just breaks my heart to watch my little guy try to grasp a very grown up situation.

So I hugged him a little bit tighter.  Today was going to be a very peaceful day at school filled with movies, jammies, cocoa and camaraderie.  He will be sad that he will miss that fun but I'm sure elated that it's a SNOW DAY!

I don't remember a snow day last year but the year before was filled with lots of them (or maybe two years ago?)  We were pounded with several inches and stuck inside for a couple of days.  Little guy drug out every blanket, pillow and piece of furniture he could slide into the living room to make a tent and camp out all day.  It was absolutely awesome.  I can't wait to see his face when he wakes up.

Cheers to all my friends and the kiddos for getting a free day off.  Enjoy your time and stay warm and safe!!

First Snow of 2012 (and Snow Day!)

Happy Thursday, friends!


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