Saturday, December 15, 2012

One Party Down, One More to Go

This weekend is BUSY as I'm sure most of you are this time of year!  Holiday parties Friday and Saturday night, basketball tournament with three games somewhere tucked into there and (hopefully) final shopping for the little guy.  Oh yeah, and those "last minute gifts" for the hairdresser, teachers, etc... can't forget those.  Oh, and at some point I need to make Christmas cookies.  The boy is looking at me with that face... "where are the sweets, mom?"

I have the privilege of being part of our associate committee at my office and the holiday party was definitely a fun experience!  Along with 5 other people, we have been crazily shopping for the past month purchasing over 50 gifts for our hard working associates to be given.  As most of you know, I am a serious purpose shopper - I go into a store with intent and purchase exactly what I need and get out.  I've never been that girl that "goes shopping" for 8 hours and doesn't buy anything.  That whole concept just kills me.  It has never been something I've been interested in doing.  But I did have two great partners in my portion of the shopping.  Here's one of my partners in crime:

JD and CG

But I learned a few valuable lessons in this experience:

1.  It's hard to buy for people you don't know.  Not only that, but gifts that will be picked (meaning you don't know who will get them).  That's HARD.
2.  Electronics still seem to win in both men and women in terms of gifts.  Interesting.
3.  Cold hard cash is always good :)
4.  When you walk around a look aimlessly at stores you can actually find things YOUR people will like.
5.  Shoppers are rude at Christmas.  Period.  But we were really lucky with fantastic salespeople for the most part.

The party went off without a hitch and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.  The food was good, the guitar player was cute (yep, I said that) and the white elephant and Madlibs games seemed to make people smile.

And after the tragedy of yesterday, we all needed a smile. I can't blog about it right now.

I need to run and make my list for the day.  Time to get some stuff accomplished.  I hope you have a great Saturday, friends!


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