Monday, December 17, 2012

It's a SECRET!

My hubs is such a big kid at Christmas.  He carefully shops, picks out special wrapping for our gifts (not from the giant pile of accumulated wrapping over the years) and strategically starts to place them under the tree the week before Christmas.

Let the taunting begin.

"I know what this one is...." as he happily shakes and dances around the room with a beautiful package.  Or if it's heavy, he'll just hang out under the tree pointing and mocking me that I can't have it yet.

He can barely contain his excitement.  But somehow he manages to keep it in check, even if I beg him to let me have one early (because I am completely impatient).

Flash to the big Navy boy.  Oh Lord that boy is a mess.  Not only can he not contain his excitement much like his Dad he takes it to a whole new level.

He can't even get the gifts wrapped before giving them away.

The WC kids (west coast) have done a fantastic job of furnishing their new home.  They have purchased furniture, art and momentos to make their space their own.  They have replaced almost all of their "hand me down" furniture with their own style and with no surprise have picked out some awesome stuff!  For Christmas, they gave themselves a joint present of new bedroom furniture to accompany their new bed and no doubt it will be absolutely beautiful.

So like all of us marrieds, they told each other they would just buy one gift for Christmas since their big gift was purchased together.

How's that going?  Right.  My son CANNOT buy a gift, wrap it beautifully and allow Sassy the feelings of excitement and anticipation.  Nope.  He can't do it.  Usually he gives her gifts on Christmas Eve, if he can make it that far.

Not this year.  

Her present came to her in the parking lot after he bought it.  Yep, didn't even make it home.  Didn't even get the price tag off.

Oh Lord.  I'm gonna kill him.

I know that our nugget doesn't quite get all of the Santa stuff yet but my son has forgotten the element of surprise.  The excitement a person has when they open that special gift and know how carefully it was selected.  The appreciation and gratitude when a person opens socks that they REALLY, REALLY needed.

Yep, he has forgotten that.  Somehow I swear I will give it back to him.  I should have mailed their gifts late and had them arrive right on Christmas Eve.  For all I know he will tear through those before the big day!

He loves when I blog about him about as much as he loves brussels sprouts but the truth hurts sometimes.  Maybe my public outing and embarrassment will help him change his ways a bit.

But I seriously doubt it.

Happy Monday, friends!


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